Be Unique Theres Only One You Bring It


Be Unique There’s Only One You Bring It


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If I could give you only ONE secret to building your home business as easy as possible it would be this – be unique, there’s only one you, bring it!!!

No matter what you do to work at home, there’s another person doing the same thing around the corner, next door and possibly in another country. This isn’t meant to discourage you; no, rather it’s meant to pull back the curtain, to let you know how to stand out in the sea of business owners just like you and me.

When you start each day being uniquely YOU, bringing your special twist on life, others will be attracted to those qualities you possess. That is what will set YOU apart, what will bring you the customers who have been waiting for you to stick your head up and say “Hey, I’m over here, join me“.

If you keep the following ideas in mind, you’ll not only serve your customers in a way that only you can, but you’ll feel better about each and every day that you do what you do best…which simply put happens to be – be unique, there’s only one you, bring it.


  • Keep mirror on your desk – This isn’t for those vain people who want to look at themselves all day, nope! This is to give you that “once over check-up” to make sure you are smiling at each customer even when you are on the phone. After all “they can hear your smile“, be unique.


  • Call your customer by name – Think about the last time you visited your favorite grocery store. You’ve worked hard all day, you are tired and just want to get your groceries, go home and relax. At the checkout stand the clerk looks up at you, smiles and calls you by name. How did that make you feel?

      Two words comes to mind … IMPORTANT and I MATTER, right?

      Your customers feel exactly the same way. Want a lifelong customer? Smile, look them in the eyes and call them by name…works every time! Be unique.


  • Get organized – Nothing is more frustrating than to be on the phone, working with a customer and the file is missing in action. Take the time needed to organize your work area, your desk, filing cabinet and files; you’ll save time and be better able to focus on what’s most important – your customer.


  • Assume nothing – When you work at home rule number one is assume nothing. The old saying “When you assume it makes an ass out of you and me” is so true. Learn to master the art of asking questions without interrogating them like a police sergeant. Ask a question then be quiet, don’t interject with your opinion…let your customer talk giving you the details you need to serve them properly. You’ll be amazed how many people crave being able to have someone to talk to, even if it is for business purposes.


  • Network like your life depends on it – Because it does. It has only been in the last year that I’ve learned the importance of networking in general. That doesn’t mean you take and not give. In business it’s more like “You rub my back and I’ll rub yours”. Some days your benefits will seem non-existent, while other days your cup will definitely runneth over. Building relationships while building your business will make you very wealthy, in more ways than just financially. Be unique, there’s only one YOU.


By being unique you’ll bring the real you to your business, your customer’s are waiting to meet and be served by the one and only you, so bring it on.

Please share these tips with your work at home friends. Here’s to your success as you enjoy being you while working at home.



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