School Kids Directions and One Lesson Lasting a LifetimeSchool Kids, Directions and One Lesson Lasting a Lifetime

The day started like any other day; mom woke us up and we got ready for school. This day was exciting for me as after school I got to ride the bus home with my friend, Steve. You see, his sister Marianne was my sewing leader in our 4-H club.

Besides being taught more techniques, using different materials I loved riding the bus longer to visit with friends. However, this day would be filled with more than one lesson and it has followed me my entire life.

The school day was uneventful as I don’t remember one thing that happened during those six hours. Riding the bus, on the other hand, was never dull or boring. We lived in the countryside with a lot of oak trees and wildlife. One tree, in particular, was the highlight of our ride as it had a rotten limb with a hoot owl living in it. We all stood in our seat peering out the window to catch a glimpse of the little owl. When the bus arrived at each friend's home they got off the bus. One more stop and it was our turn.

Steve and I walked into his mom’s house putting our books and backpacks on the counter. We had about an hour and a half before his sister arrived home from work and my lesson began. His family owned a few acres, full of manzanita bushes and oak trees … and, two horses. We both loved horses and yet never had time to go riding. This day, although we were instructed to stay in the house…we chose to saddle up and go for a ride.

As we wound around the manzanita and oaks we were talking, laughing and having fun as country kids do. Then something spooked Steve’s horse and she bolted, he clung to her neck but it was too late…Steve’s glasses were knocked off of his face. We searched for as long as we could with no results. We knew our name was mud and when his sister and mom got home…yep, we were in big trouble.

I don’t remember the sewing lesson or any of the lessons at school that day. But, trust me when I tell you I learned one important lesson about following directions to a T that day. Fast forward to this day, my kids and grandkids…I've retold this story countless times about how losing a pair of prescription glasses is no joke, it is a big deal. To think that he lost his “sight” for awhile all because we disobeyed, makes me shiver still today.

So, my friends. Do you have a childhood story that you learned a big lesson from, too? We’d love to hear it in the comments below. Share this story with a friend who could use a chuckle or relief to know someone else learned the hard way, too.

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