Why Colon Cleansing is Not Just a Fad
How healthy is your colon?

Cleanse our colon, improve its health…not exactly the most exciting topic to read over our morning coffee is it? And yet it is a very important part of our health that needs to be addressed.

Our colon’s health or the lack thereof, directly affects the health of the entire body’s system! I’m reminded of this each time I start to feel icky! My allergies start acting up, my energy level goes down and I feel less than great.
Stop and think for a moment about what the function of your colon is. It works non-stop, 24/7 cleansing the food and waste from the body. Now, think about what you put in your mouth…it must come out somewhere.

Let’s look at why we must cleanse and care for our colon’s health.

Why cleanse

Today’s world we live in is full of toxins. We eat, breathe and bathe in them. Toxins are also known as chemicals, pesticides, pollution and pharmaceutical drugs, anything foreign to our bodies. Processed foods are the mainstay of our diet, replacing fresh foods for the majority of the population.

Our bodies come equipped with a natural system for detoxifying itself, or cleansing itself. Our liver, kidneys, lungs, lymph glands and skin all work together to keep our systems safe from these toxic invaders.

Normal forms of elimination we recognize are sweating, urinating and bowel movements. Even though we constantly are eliminating waste, our bodies can’t keep up with the amount of toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis. This results in our bodies accumulating the toxins in high amounts.

Our internal organs are now working overtime. They are not able to perform their regularly assigned tasks at peak performance. This is how the build up of toxins occurs.

Symptoms of our systems being toxic are: 
  • stress
  • constipation or failure to have regular bowel movements daily
  • low energy or feeling sluggish
  • strong food cravings
  • high sugar consumption
  • caffeine dependency
  • unidentifiable illness
Health benefits associated with cleansing…

There are many health benefits associated with cleansing on a regular basis.

Some of those benefits are:
  • improved digestion, better elimination, less gas, bloating and indigestion
  • ability to breathe deeper
  • less allergies, reactions to foods
  • less mucus and congestion, fewer colds and sniffles
  • more energy, better nutrient absorption, overall improved health
  • weight loss and desire to enjoy lighter style of eating

Cleansing is like changing the oil in your car…
Guys you probably will get this much quicker than us girls, but here goes anyway!

When you change the oil in your car the first thing you do is drain the old oil out.
Second you take out the old oil filter.
Next you put in a new filter before adding new clean oil for a smooth running car.

What happens if you don’t change the oil filter? The new oil will now run through a dirty filter and it will get dirty. Next your engine will not perform at peak capacity.
So what was the point of changing the oil?
Our bodies are the same way…
Think of all the food, drink and medicine we put in our energy machine each and every day, 365 days a year. Some of it is eliminated, but not all of it.

Some of the food remains undigested and is “sticky”. This is called plaque and sticks to the intestinal walls. Doctors now know that most degenerative disease starts in this toxic environment.

This is the main reason we all need to cleanse from the inside out. From our brain to our kidneys, our lungs to our liver…all need our help to rid our systems of toxic build up.

It was shocking to learn that my colon was responsible for so many parts of my health, be it good or bad.

I never noticed parasites passing during my cleanses. Later discovered that is normal, most parasites are microscopic.

However, my girlfriend, (I promised to not reveal her name) passed a 12″ tapeworm on her first cleanse. She said, “I don’t need to cleanse, I live in a clean home, I eat clean food and I don’t have parasites”. She now uses Botanacleanse Plus every quarter!
What amazed us both were the results…
we personally felt results from cleansing on a quarterly basis after learning these facts.

Some benefits I saw were: my allergies and skin cleared up, my asthma went away. The migraine headaches are a thing of the past and no more bronchitis or sinus infections.

These are just a few of the noticeable benefits of cleansing. They more than convinced me that cleansing from the inside out is a viable health choice.

I hope you found this tip as helpful as I did. Take charge and help your body run like a well oiled sports car, cleanse your body today.

To your health, enjoy and have an awesome week!
Here To Serve,
Carla J Gardiner
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