Baby Boomer Trends - High School Cliques
Do Your Strengths Enable You To Fulfill Your Purpose, Part Two
Many baby boomers had to find themselves in the sea of social groups
Working hard at developing relationships with all four groups I soon found myself with a full plate to choose from. Trying out for the swim team was a joke and I quickly found that my ability to excel in sports was zilch! My strength was in cheering on the athlete putting their might into each sport. Maybe it was my strength, but what fun was that?

Even though I liked many of the stoners, that whole scene was definitely not my cup of tea. Today, many of my aging baby boomer friends are still in the same clique as they were in high school. I am not saying I did not try a drink or two, but drugs…no way. The ironic part of that story is there was no judgment in those days. If I did not want to smoke marijuana, okay just sit and visit awhile.

My attempt at fitting in with the band kids lasted until tryouts were over. My dream of being like the Carpenters was smashed to smithereens when the teacher posted students names that had made the cut. Trying out for the Ensemble was more successful, yet it was not a perfect match either.

Coming into high school with a “C” grade point average pretty much set the stage for not belonging to the “CSF” – California Scholarship Federation. Realizing I was not the brainiest was not difficult, but working on my study habits soon paid off. My grades improved and my overall grade point average climbed to a 4.0 (straight A’s).

Still, even with good grades my friendships and abilities were not strong in the geek circle. Mind you, I enjoyed and still do to this day my friendships that were developed back then. The problem was I still did not know what I was good at, what my purpose was or how to put it to use.

Finally, wandering into the “cowboy corner” one day I met a new friend. Lisa and I hit it off right away. We had many classes in common and our likes and dislikes were much the same. Soon I found myself feeling very comfortable in the midst of the down to earth cowboy culture. With Copenhagen and alcohol put aside I had found my home…at school.

The icing on the cake was the year I was crowned Red Bluff Round-Up Queen 1974. The attention and recognition for all of my hard work paid off. Sporting my new polyester western pants, jacket and blouse was exciting and made me and my family proud. These duds were not hand-me-downs, they were brand new and I had the privilege of choosing them right off the racks.
Baby Boomer Trends - Mike Growney presents Carla Gardiner at RB Rodeo Queen
So, what does all of this…the elementary and high school friendships and achievements have to do with my strength and purpose in business? Plenty my friends, let’s look at some of the things each had in common.
  • Figuring out where you fit in
  • Determining what you are good at
  • Deciding what you want to do with your strengths even if you never earned a dime
All of those pieces were present throughout my lifetime, including many failures. It wasn’t until last night, as I was drifting off to sleep that Red Skelton popped into my thoughts. What? Well, that is yet another story, but what I realized is that my strengths, along with many other aging baby boomers can be applied to whatever we decide to do in our lives.

I am a great cheerleader! Heavens sakes, how many girls want to be cheerleaders? I know I did. I was not popular, athletic nor did my family have money so the position of being a cheerleader in high school was out. Now, the honor and privilege of encouraging others onto their greatness gives me deep satisfaction and peace, there is nothing better in the world.

My purpose is to love my family and fellow man with my whole heart and soul. Each waking day bringing the best me to the office is what fulfills me. I love working with people who want to work. I do not love working with whiny cry baby boomers who think the world owes them everything. Yet, at the end of the day knowing I have given it my all I go to sleep with a satisfied soul. Can you say the same?

I found that I belong in business. Why? The lessons I have learned in my lifetime being a common little girl, in a small rural town can help others in their journey. Providing for my family is part of life, but it is not the only part to the puzzle. Giving of myself to help another is where I fit, what I am good at and what I will do even if I never earn a dime.
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