Baby Boomer - Truck Driver - Story Teller Retires To Dream Life
Baby Boomer, Truck Driver, Story Teller Retires To Dream Life
An email from a friend
The other day I received an email from a friend. Gary just happens to be an owner-operator of Straight Roads, LLC and one of our sub-contractors. He drives an auto transport tractor trailer and specializes in high end classic cars.
I learned something about baby boomer trends and my truck driver friend that I did not know…he loves to tell stories. I have to tell you, his deep voice pulled me right into the story. The pictures painted the story right beside his words.
The You Tube video was so entertaining I could not wait to write to ask permission to use it and share with you. Funny how that worked out…ended in an interview with Gary and a wonderful conversation to boot.
Interview with a baby boomer, truck driver and story teller
Gary Straight, my friend, business associate and auto transport truck driver is a man full of stories. These stories are not your typical bedtime stories. No they are pulled from what Gary does daily for a living. His love for photography and storytelling go hand in hand. Putting it all together into an audio book for you and me to enjoy is his dream.
After completing the first audio book he discovered that audios were out and CD’s were in. Every spare dime he could scrape together to produce the audios went out the window when the popularity of the method of delivery changed. He realized he would need to stay up to date with technology if he wanted to rise to the top and accomplish his goal.
Gary released his book in paperback recently and found that everyone is now reading e-books and using electronic readers. Feeling like he is behind the eight ball he refuses to give up on his dream. Story-telling is in his blood and figuring out how to succeed in his future.
Inspired by
Sunday Morning “On the Road”, with Charles Kuralt was the inspiration he needed and looked forward to watching every Sunday morning. Gary told his father this lifestyle as portrayed on the show is what he wanted to do with his life.
Speaking of Kuralt, as reported by a correspondent for the U.S. News –“Kuralt's three-month trial began in October 1967, and turned into a twenty-five-year odyssey. With cameraman Izzy Bleckman and soundman Larry Gianneschi, he logged more than one million miles in six motor homes while producing approximately 500 “On the Road” segments. Staying off the interstates and with no set itinerary, he – drew upon viewer letters, a state-by-state clipping file, and occasional references from public relations firms and local chambers of commerce to find unusual stories and unsung heroes. He had total freedom to discover America”.
Following suit, Gary bought the old 1953 Peterbilt he talks about in his short story. Rather than me trying to tell the story, stop…watch and listen as he shares his dream with you in this brilliant sample of his audio storybook…      
Broke and nowhere to go
Gary was contacted by a friend who suggested the perfect business to finance his journey to living his dream life of being a traveling story-teller – auto transport truck driving. This business would be perfect for getting him to the four corners of the nation while earning as he went.
Only a problem arose as Gary developed his company and clientele. When Gary decided to provide quality service to each customer instead of transporting quantity for profits his business became a looming monster that ate his dream. To maintain his level of service he found himself consumed with work, long hours on the road and not having fun. Story-telling was not a part of his day or thoughts. Keeping a journal of the stories he gathered did not enter his mind nor was a pen put to paper.
Thankfully, his love for capturing the moment, any moment worthy of the click of the camera was captured on film. Those pictures have become the journal he draws on to recall memories of events, people and will become part of the story of Gary’s dream.
Gary is retiring Straight Roads, LLC and transporting those classic cars. This baby boomer, truck driver is trading his Class A driver’s license for a license to share his life’s story with others. He has decided it is time to live life. As a baby boomer it is not time to give in, bow down and live as others say we should. Today is not the day to allow fear to rule our lives. It is time to put faith into action and step out to fulfill what we were born to do.
Today it is time to go after your dreams and not allow anyone to rain on your parade or stop the story from being shared. Do you like classic cars, nostalgia and the baby boomer trends? Whether you are a boomer, auto transport broker or simply a lover of awesome stories visit Gary's website to get a peek inside his picture gallery…they say a picture is worth a thousand words.
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Helping Turn Back the Clock,
Carla J Gardiner
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baby boomer aging, baby boomer blog, baby boomer businessCarla Gardiner is an auto transport broker, dispatcher, health coach and a fiery baby-boomer grandma. Her passion and purpose lies with the people she works with daily; the client, dispatcher, broker and truck driver. Her frustration within the industry has birthed a new division of her company; one to properly train, encourage and mentor others in regaining their health while building a part time business, too.
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