How to Focus Your Way to Success Partnering With a Mastermind

How to Focus Your Way to Success Partnering With a Mastermind

Have you ever had a time in your business when you simply felt “stuck”?

These past few months have been that kind of time for me. Yes, even The Fiery Grandma has times when overwhelm simply takes over. My mind couldn’t focus and success seemed unreachable. I didn’t know where to turn. There was a time in the past that this obstacle would have paralyzed me forever. It would have caused me to once again give in to fear.

How did I overcome this fear this time around? I met a lady named Rachel and we began forming a mastermind group. Sometimes the people that enter our lives come at just the right time for all the right reasons. (tweet this) Rachel and I have become good friends who have much in common. We have partnered up and formed a mastermind group. It helps each of us focus on the daily steps we need to work on to achieve our goals.

What is a mastermind?

According to the dictionary, the word mastermind can be:

  • a noun meaning “a person with outstanding intellect”.
  • a verb that means “to plan or direct an ingenious or complex scheme or enterprise”.

Napoleon Hill, a very successful businessman and author-defined mastermind as “a coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose. This form of cooperative alliance has been the basis of nearly every great success”.

According to a paper written by Rutgers University students, a mastermind can be:

  • he or a she
  • young or old
  • born in any country
  • of any religion and ethnicity
  • can be poor, middle-class or rich

A mastermind can be anybody whatsoever because it’s not the background that counts; it’s what lies in his/her mind.

All that masterminds need is a willingness to learn from each other and from themselves. (tweet this) It’s sort of a self-discovery as well as success in life.

How can a mastermind help you focus?

Each of us has strengths and weaknesses. Any partnership worth its salt takes both pluses and minuses to make a balanced formula. Doesn’t it make sense to build on your strengths, what you are naturally good at? When the other person runs with what they are good at it adds to your strengths, too. What would happen if we combined all of our strengths and disregarded the weaknesses altogether? You would have strong mastermind groups that’s what.

When using mastermind groups to help you focus each person takes a turn sharing their thoughts and ideas about the question or idea on the table. Taking careful notes and setting judgment aside allows the creative juices to flow. After each party has had their turn then the ideas mentioned can be readdressed and fine-tuned to allow each to consider the final plan.

By allowing Rachel to share her opinion freely with me it gave me more ideas and clearer focus on what mattered more to her…not me. It was like having my ideal customer telling me what they wanted me to give them. Then in return, I helped Rachel with her project and ideas. It was a true meeting of giving and taking, both of us walked away with a clear focus on what our next step was.

Mastermind groups lead to focused success

Imagine if you had your ideal customer standing beside you, like a girlfriend, sharing what they wanted from your business. Would that make it easier for you to do your job? Would profits increase if you could deliver exactly what your customer wanted every time?

The power of mastermind groups gives you a look inside the mind of your ideal customer. It gives you the upper hand on your competition and saves you so much time.

Since Rachel and I have been working together I’ve been able to prioritize the many projects on my plate. By focusing on one project at a time to it’s completion I’m getting more projects done. Having accountability partners online helps both of us stay on track. If I find myself drifting off track I can hear her voice telling me…back to the assigned task at hand.

You’re probably saying “Well, yes – but I have a coach for that”. I know, I’ve been there and done that, too. All I can tell you is that coach or no coach, since working with my accountability partner it has enhanced my productivity and success every single week.

My advice to anyone, man or woman over 50 who is looking to redefine success and design your business working from home – “get an accountability partner”. Find a mastermind group to be part of, work with and get your focus on successful actions back.

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