How to Knock Out Stress Get a Pound Puppy


How to Knock Out Stress

Get a Pound Puppy

Pound puppies are the best formula to knock out stress and enjoy better health!


It's 8:40 AM on a crisp October morning. As I looked over my to-do list I almost got overwhelmed. Then Dexter, my pit-bull-boxer pound puppy, put his cold nose on my leg and gave me that look.

He has a way about him, you can't get irritated or mad. Huge brown, loving eyes stared me down. I had to laugh! He got me again. So, I got up and let him out for the third time in half an hour.
As I closed the door and turned to come back into the office, I hear that all too familiar scratching noise. I ignored him and continued over to make the morning coffee. I heard the annoying bouncing and pawing on the window. It's Dexter wanting right back into the house. What is up with that?

Dexter has had a great nights sleep and now wants to play! He's tired of me sitting and working in the office. He helps me knock out stress and enjoy better health!
Let me tell Dexter's story from the beginning. 

We inherited Dexter from our son who got him as a gift from a co-worker. She adopted him from our local pound. They found him in a garbage bag in the gutter. We had already told our son that we didn't want another dog, nor need one.Can you imagine anyone being so cruel?
I had just started my new business and was extremely busy working. I didn't have time for a new puppy. I barely got a shower some days. Most days that first year I didn't even have time to get dressed. Isn't that awful?
Just like most sons out there, mine knew my soft spot. He put the puppy under his coat and walked into the office. As I turned in my chair he pulled out the pup. All 2 pounds of him and sure enough…I melted like butter. He was so cute. My son knew he just got what he wanted…to keep the puppy.

With everyone else in the house off to work, I had no choice but to take care of him. There was no choice but to take this little bundle of joy out to potty throughout the day…or else. There were many days I'd call my girlfriend complaining. This puppy was taking up so much time. I didn't have time for training this new pup and I was stressed out.
And so began our relationship and the training we both were to get



How to Knock Out Stress Get a Pound Puppy
Dexter has become the most awesome office guard dog. He is very loyal I must say. Laying in the doorway, no one gets through unless I tell him it's alright! He's bright, funny and full of character and personality. He really makes me laugh. He can knock out stress almost immediately.
He is the most loving, awesome dog and he wouldn't hurt a flea, really! But…to others he is extremely intimidating. At 85 pounds of pure muscle and jaws that will lock on their target at command I can't say as I blame them. His bark really is worse than his bite though 🙂 (smile)

So…yesterday when he wanted out, then in, then out…I knew it was time. Time to take a break, stretch and go out for some play time with Dexter. As I threw the stick and he retrieved it I found myself relaxing, laughing and having fun. We played and ran, stooped and bent over. Then we ran some more all for about 10 minutes.

But, when I came back into the office my head was clear, I felt better getting some fresh air and I slid right back into the project I'd been working on. Together we had played to knock out stress for better health.

Why am I sharing this story with you?
Well, Dexter being loyal reminded me of all of you! All of my online friends who take time out of their busy day to read what is going on in my life, my business and I appreciate you tons for that.

By you reading, commenting and sharing the stories and tips with your friends it is an act of love.

Working long hours from home, in a small office can get lonely sometimes. Talking with clients on the phone is great. But there is nothing like the human touch to get the energy flowing through your body.

So in return I'd like to pass along a little tip to help you make the most of your day! Start the day out right. Give someone a hug. Get the electricity flowing through your body.

Make time today to do something out of the ordinary. If you are at work or at home, take a break. Go outside, walk around the block or down the lane.
Listen to the birds, the wind rustling through the trees. Escape to your favorite “happy place”. Take a friend, loved one or co-worker with you. They'll enjoy the trip to relaxation, too.

Here to Serve,

p.s. Thank you so much for just being you. Share this with a friend today and help us knock out stress for better health.