Fiery Grandma Kills Trees in the Office Clutter

T.G.I.F. (thank goodness, it's Friday)

Wrapping up my day last Friday I felt drained. Yes, it had been a productive week, yet somehow I could not help but feel I could have done more. Have you ever felt foggy, out of balance, just out there? That is exactly how I was feeling as I shut down the computer and left the office for the long Labor Day weekend.

Last week while working with my business coach, I accepted a ten-day challenge. Daily tasks to add to my already busy day in the auto transport office. Besides providing quotes to our customers, I am also calling back the people who have expressed an interest in our part-time business. What made me think I could tackle yet another set of tasks for a week and a half?

If you are anything like this fiery grandma, we do what we must to win that prize. Knowing that as we build our part-time business we will be able to spend more time with our grandkids the extra work will make it all worth it. Learning how to live the life I want while building a business has given me a new-found freedom. It was opposite everything I had ever learned – I love it.
The challenge begins
One of the tasks involved clicking a picture and sharing it on Facebook and Twitter with our friends. As I looked at the picture I had taken of myself sitting in the office the size of a cubicle something caught my eye. Behind me stacks of paperwork, books, binders, bags and more were cluttering up the background. You could not even see the maps hanging on the wall for pity sakes. I really need to get this sorted, as it'll only get worse the longer I leave it. A friend of mine recommended that I checked out sites like FilecenterDMS, as this will help me manage all the paper that I have lying around everywhere and in the cabinets too. Maybe once that is out of the way, I can focus on other parts of the office. One day I'll have an office to be proud of. Back in the day, when I worked in a bank we used to employ a fabulous commercial office cleaning team. When it came to Cleaning Services, they were always one step ahead. If only I could employ them to take care of my home office!

That is when it hit me, an idea flashed through my mind. We should take the three-day weekend to clean out the office, purge unnecessary papers and rearrange the office. Why not share the ugly beginning, the process and renewed office look with everyone. Who knows, maybe they can relate.

I would need all the energy I could muster, endurance would be critical. The longer I take my little yellow caplet the fierier I become. Feeling better enables me to accomplish more in a shorter period. As the clock ticks and the day rolls on, I find myself checking off the tasks on my list with effortless vigor. This fiery grandma has her focus on and nothing will stop her.

What are you doing Labor Day? from Carla J Gardiner on Vimeo.

  • Posting the video (see above) was my way of putting me out there.
  • Knowing my audience and friends would hold me accountable encouraged me to get started right away.
  • Setting a deadline kept the goal in front of me… very in front of me.

When I wanted to quit all I had to do was sit in front of my computer, click on Facebook to see all of your faces. If I did not get the project done on time, I knew I would hear about it… for a very long time.

Accountability inspires me to accomplish more
One of my friends, Elvie Look is an organizing expert. Reading many of her articles inspires me to want to get my home office organized. When I thought about tackling the daunting task I almost caved to the pressure of past practices… procrastinating. Then I remembered reading her article “21 Easy Organizing Tips” where she talked about “doing one task at a time”.

This weekend I did just that. Starting on one wall, I worked my way around the room. Holding myself to this rule – if I touch it I will do something with it… not pile it in another room. There were binders full of out-dated route sheets I had used years ago in my auto transport business. Not needing them, any longer I asked hubby to assist me by shredding them as I cleaned out the binders.
So many papers needed shredding that I felt like a fiery grandma who kills trees in office clutter. Rich was thankful for the massive piles of paper because the shredder overheated and gave him a break The only regret I had all weekend was that we did not know anyone who could use the bags of shredded paper for their animals.

The lesson I learned in all the mess we cleaned out this Labor Day weekend was this. Having a system in place will help keep clutter reduced. Regularly looking through binders and paperwork will allow us to purge more often and in less bulk.

The benefit of taking time to really purge and organize our home office will allow our focus to return. When our focus is clear, we can serve our clients with a fresh open mind. Now we are all set and ready to build our part-time home business while serving our auto transport customers, too.

Stay tuned on Facebook we will post the final pictures and video of the renewed home office early Tuesday morning. (We need Monday to finish up).Love to hear about your office, too.
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Here to Serve,
Carla J Gardiner
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Carla J Gardiner is an ex-banker turned entrepreneur who built an auto transport brokerage and dispatch center from the ground up. With half a days training and little else Carla learned the business inside and out the hard way… by doing it. Her passion and purpose lies with the people she works with daily; the client, dispatcher, broker and truck driver. Her frustration within the industry has birthed a new division of her company; a part-time business to to properly train, encourage and mentor others in turning back the clock and regaining youthful health.
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