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Are You Burned Out Here’s How to Get Your Healthy Bounce Back

Are You Burned Out? Here’s How to Get Your Healthy Bounce Back   It’s Monday morning....

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Favorite Foods The Fiery Grandma Ate to Overcome the Flu

Favorite Foods The Fiery Grandma Ate to Overcome the Flu Have you ever looked forward to something so fun you were giddy as a schoolgirl or boy for weeks on end? Well, Rich and I were the same way waiting for our trip to Idaho...

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Three Business Tips That Made It Worth It For Me To Go To Protandim Convention, Part Three

Tip #3 The Fiery Grandma Brought Home From Convention The LifeVantage Limitless Convention was winding to an end. With many tips deep in my mind and heart it was time catch one final tip to take home with me. If you missed tip...

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Three Business Tips That Made It Worth It For Me To Go To Protandim Convention

Fiery Grandma Brings Home Leadership Tips From Convention You’ve heard it time and again. You must get to the big events; they will change your life. Honestly, how can attending a network marketing company’s...

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Grandma Is In a Funky Mood, What Is It?

We once were uncatchable twenty-something know-it-alls and now we are grandmas in a funky mood. #Protandim tuned up our genes and gave us back our energy, endurance and youth.

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How to Avoid Ticks and Lyme’s Disease a Buggy Proposition

Ticks and Lyme’s Disease, an ounce of prevention and one Protandim per day can keep your body free of oxidative stress and inflammation which is the root of the cause of hundreds of diseases that we know of.

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Grandma Vacations with Family at Resort

Grandma Vacations with Family at Resort All roads lead to family The best memories we have are the ones of the many travels we have enjoyed together. As a young married couple who both needed to work, we made a vow that we would...

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Baby Boomer – What Is The Big Deal Being Called One?

Baby Boomer – What Is The Big Deal Being Called One?   I am a grandma…does that mean I am a baby boomer   From the time I was a little girl old enough to understand what a grandma was I wanted to be one. You may...

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Farewell Vacation Grandma’s Last Walk On The Beach

    Farewell Vacation Grandma's Last Walk On The Beach   Final days of our vacation….   Thinking back on the first few days of our family’s vacation we decided to pack some more fun into the...

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Monday Morning Brings Computer Virus Blues

  Monday morning brings computer virus blues   Monday starts the week   Any given day of the week challenges happen. If you are like me you dread them more on Monday or Fridays, right? It seems that the month of...

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Fiery Grandma’s Journey To Hell And Back

  Fiery Grandma's Journey To Hell And Back   From near death to turning back the clock on aging Setting the stage for disaster It all started more than nineteen years ago when my health spiraled to the near...

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Connect With Carla!

Look Who's Talking Pat Moon"Very well put. I've been with a health and nutrition company for over 26 years and I understand exactly what you are going through. I shiver to think what my health might be today at age 68 had I not stuck to my guns as far as practicing what I preach. Yes, I fall off the wagon regularly but my daily routine life reflects taking care of my health. That way I can keep up (somewhat) with my 7 grandchildren. You keep it up, Carla".
Pat Moon
Look Who's Talking Eno Nsima-Obot"For most people the thought of venturing out there in pursuit of your dreams, in a place outside of your comfort zones is just what stops them. But I could sense your excitement not resentment in going against the competition. In planting your stake and truly making a difference in the clients experience. That's ultimately what matters, the rest just falls so easily into place. Thanks for that reminder"!
ENO Nsima-Obot MD
Carla, I’ve got to say that I LOVE your focus on the joys and challenges facing women over 50. I’m definitely in that camp! I’ve been inspired by your candor, practical ideas, and refreshing determination to joyfully tackle life. The hours we’ve spent on the phone, in person, and through social media have enriched my life immeasurably. YOU are one Fiery Grandma, and I love your style!
Ronae Jull
I have known Carla Gardiner for 6+ years. We met at a business training for bring business online. She is a business women at heart and willing to do the hard things to make the results show up. I have watched her run a business, work a job and take care of her family. She is a go getter when it comes to putting in the work to build her business to the level of being able to enjoy her grand kids. She is the example that age is not a limit it is a tool for sharing knowledge to those she empowers to use their own skills and talents. Excuses are fuel to push her to learn and apply. I have seen her scared to death about implementing new technology and rock it out despite the learning curve. I love watching you grow into your greatness Carla! Don’t slow down.
Angela Brooks
Look Who's Talking Susan Daniels"Carla, you are a model for me to follow. I love your site. And, I like what you have to say - very kind, very gracious. I have to say though that nothing in my life has ever been crystal clear".
Susan Daniels
"I've known Carla for 5+ years and can tell you that she has lived every bit of this and more. We shared tears and laughs and hard will enjoy getting to know Carla."
Rachel Williamson