Change. Balance. They are not my favorite words, are they yours? It seems that life is constantly changing right in front of our eyes. From the beginning of our lives, change is the only thing that is for sure and constant. Balance, on the other hand, seems to be off kilter in a lot of people’s lives, a lot.

As I’ve gotten older I find myself shirking back, not wanting to change with the times. However, one change I have made is with the way I think.

For example, because I work at home I found myself always working, never relaxing, and enjoying my new home. Now, that doesn’t seem right nor should it. I wondered what the answer was so I did what any grandmommy blogger would do…I went to Facebook and asked what other women who work at home do to balance their lives between work and personal, home life.

I even got out of my own scaredy-cat way and did my first Facebook Live video to talk about how balance can change our whole perception of work, play and living in a balanced, happy way. Here are a few replies some women wrote in reply to my question.

So, we all have to admit that change is inevitable. The challenge is to find balance in our lives as we confront the change that faces us daily. If you found this helpful, leave your comment below. You never know, what you share just might help someone else, too.

If you have questions or a topic you’d like to learn more about, ask…I’m dying to share more stories and anecdotes to help you confront the changes facing your tomorrow.


Carla J Gardiner, The Fiery Grandma

Carla Gardiner is a mom of 2, fiery grandma of 7 and married to her husband for 38 years. She is focused, driven a business owner who made a big move in her late 50’s which rocked her world. Transitioning from her native hometown to her new home 3 states away took guts, work, and dedication to get the job done. Now, she is focused on helping other women handle life’s changes after 50 while making the transition to their retirement lifestyle, one they’ve been dreaming of instead of the nightmare it could become.



P.S.  Before you go I have a question for you. Do you already have a home business? Are you using Facebook Live videos to help shout out your message or do you run for cover as soon as you hear the words Facebook LIVE or Video Marketing? Don’t feel bad … I was exactly the same way until I read this post and decided to use the 3 tips to change my outlook on videos (with ME in them). Take a few minutes, hop over there and discover the 3 tips to overcome the fear of Facebook Live videos.