Grounds for Divorce

Grounds for Divorce

Happy Hump Day my java-loving friends.

Who makes the coffee in your home, hubby or you? What would you say if I told you lack of coffee in the house are grounds for divorce…long ago? 😆 No do not look for the number for a law firm that practices family law if you have missed your dose of caffeine due to your partner, although if you are serious about getting a divorce because it will be for the best for both parties, if you haven’t got a number for a family law practice, visit and get it now..

I hope this week has been a delicious one for you. Here on the home front, with coffee in hand it’s been, well let’s just say super-duper busy, busier than normal. As you all know, we watch our 8-month old granddaughter, Maisie Rey and her 6-year old brother Lucas. Lucas graduated kindergarten this week and his older brother will graduate this coming Friday. I can honestly tell you that without sippin’ my cuppa coffee, or two or three I’m not sure I could keep up.

Let’s talk about the lack of coffee for a minute. Did you know that in Turkish culture coffee was so important back in the day that a woman could divorce her husband if he didn’t provide her with enough coffee? Say what? Yes, it’s true…granted it was law back in the 15th century.

Around here there are no laws, no lack of coffee, no reference to divorces or husbands who don’t provide enough coffee; however, there are new blends released monthly. There are my favorites like Dragon’s Blend with hints of chocolate and coconut; followed by Highlander Grogg with its taste of buttery rum, spices, and nuts. I’m not sure I can choose only one favorite; that’s why we keep both stocked in the cupboard at all times.

This month though I have had the pleasure of trying some of the new, limited edition coffees like Beignet, Café du Monde and The Force Awakens. You have to be quick on the draw to order as these blends are limited and now out of stock, which is a bummer; but, going forward, you can betcha I’ll be letting you know the minute a new blend is released so you too can enjoy trying different flavors of deliciousness.

For now, have you had a chance to visit my website? I am an independent barista with Java Momma and you can shop HERE. If you need suggestions just reply to this email or reach out on Facebook Messenger as I hang out there a lot helping others look good, feel good and do good while enjoying plenty of delicious, smooth and flavorful coffee and tea. Until next time … Bon appetite, friends.