Baby boomer trends keep your why in front of you


Keep Your Why In Front of You,

It Helps You Do What You Don’t Want To

Top business opportunity or not, I’m not gonna do it
Today as I sat in the office preparing to write this article I found myself gazing out the window. Thinking about what to write had me stumped. What do I have of value to say or give and who cares anyway. I was in a real funk wouldn’t you say?
Across the street the herd of deer grazed their way south and into the area where they bed down. Up the big oak tree the gray squirrels were busy scampering around, jumping from limb to limb as they carried the acorns to the hollowed out tree they call home.
My business coach, Sandi Krakowski always told me that no matter what an article twice per week had to be written if I wanted to succeed. Any person in their right mind would want to succeed, so why would I not follow explicit direction from someone who is wildly successful?
Phone calls change thinking
About that time the phone rang. One of my new clients called to ask for help correcting an order. Chatting for only a few minutes they just wanted reassurance they were processing it correctly. Our phone conversation was so refreshing. They gave me a reason to smile and move on with my day.
Before that conversation was even over another call came in. One of our business partners and a good friend asked for a few minutes of my time. Earlier they had sent an email sharing their feelings about their business. They were asking for help to get past what was stopping them from moving forward.
While we chatted about their feelings some of my own started creeping in. Not sure of why they were finding their way back I stopped cold in my tracks. Without batting an eye I shared my innermost feelings and misgivings with my friend. I had had the same apprehensions and doubts as they did.
Asking them the question – “Why are you doing this business”? I stopped to jot down their answer. A friend and mentor of mine, PJ McClure – The Mindset Maven taught me to ask myself that question five times deep. To really dig down, get past the superficial reasons we give ourselves and find the real reason. Using his technique I continued digging deep into my friend’s heart.
Between the two of us we figured out a little of each of our own why. Some of our fears surfaced and when we faced those head on together we demolished them in an instant. We both came to the same conclusion at the same time…wait – it is not about us, is it!
Wrapping up the call we committed to each other. Each of us would be accountable to the other so we could grow as leaders, build our respective businesses and increase our bank accounts. That phone call was a real lesson in how to be a leader while learning right beside your partner.
Chip N Dale and the baby-boomer’s grandchildren
Watching those squirrels chase each other round and round the tree made me smile. A familiar melody popped into my head. Visions of those pesky little chipmunks called Chip N Dale raced in my mind. Trying to shake the silly notion that they had something to do with writing I went on with my daily tasks. Each time I glanced out of the window those darned squirrels were still chasing each other, scampering up and down the tree taunting me.
Finally I caved in, brought up a new browser and watched that silly flick running through my head. In case you do not know them, take a few minutes and watch…see if they don’t make you smile, too.
Now that my break from reality was over it was time to get back to dispatching cars and serving my clients in auto transport. Then it hit me, my why was trying to get my attention. Those little grandbabies and our kids are my why.
Baby-boomer trends Find your Why
The baby-boomer trends, a top business opportunity can lead to a lifestyle without the daily stress of an eight-to-five job. Teaching our grandchildren that there is more to life than slaving away for peanuts is how this fiery grandma will leave a legacy for them.
That nagging feeling and those pesky squirrels were a sign that my why was calling out to push through those fears and just get to writing. They are the very reason I do what I do, even when I do not want to.
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baby boomer aging, baby boomer blog, baby boomer businessCarla Gardiner is an auto transport broker, dispatcher, health coach and a forever young, fiery grandma. Her passion and purpose lies with the baby boomer trends and the people she works with daily; aging baby boomers, dispatchers, brokers and truck drivers, too. Her frustration within the industry has birthed a new focus of her company; one to properly train, encourage and mentor others in regaining their health while building a retirement part-time business, too.
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