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Read Their Mind - Baby Boomer Trends Highlight Things To Come


It has been over a year since I met the pink-haired lady online. Watching her Jedi-like actions on Facebook I knew there had to be a reason for each post, picture and reply. Having read her profile I knew she was a force to be reckoned with when it came to marketing online.

My baby boomer business needed help and Sandi Krakowski was the business woman to help me get the job done. After attending a conference in December this fiery grandma of four decided to partner up with Sandi and work to increase the profits of her part time business.

As the months rolled by and my marketing abilities increased so did the profits. Sure there were detours, major decisions and a lot of work to implement, but it helped me grow as a leader in my field.

Next came the warrior cry for help; my mentor needed us to help her complete her book – Read Their Mind.

The room was filled with over a hundred hungry, excited business owners each looking for the secret to read the minds of their own ideal clients.

Present in that room was Angela Brooks, the mental health nurse, Renee McLaughlin, a health coach and my friend Claudia Looi who is an expert in travel and many more.

This event launched the beginning of many friendships that developed in the following months and the leadership that rose was astounding.

Read Their Mind - Baby Boomer Trends

(Whoa! That is me 26 pounds heavier on the far right, whew!)

My point to sharing this story? Sandi told us to come and we would learn how to read their mind. I went, I did learn and today you have the chance to get her book for free right from the comfort of your own home.

Grab it now, before she changes her mind, CLICK HERE.

While you are thinking and acting like a Jedi Master proceeding at warp speed, order and download the MP3 and CD's so you can listen over and over and over again.

Read Their Mind Baby Boomer Trends Souvenier

I did, what are you waiting for?