Secrets To Anti-Aging And A Top Business Opportunity
Secrets To Anti-Aging And A Top Business Opportunity
Fun is key to building a top business opportunity
Remember back to the end of our last article where we had arrived at our room after our brief tour by our cab driver, Danny. Laughing and starting to relax we knew the week that was lying ahead of us was going to be fun. Little did we realize that we were already working the business. We were having fun, letting go of the stress and had found the secrets to anti-aging all at the same time.
Even though I had been involved in networking for years this was the first time I had gotten any news as Tony had sent to me. It is called leveraging your time and effort he told me.
Now I understood that I had not understood the concept this whole time. The concept of when you work with others and take time off…they do not. So, while we sleep they work. When they sleep we are working. Business partners across the nation, in all time zones and from all states. That is diversification at its finest and the only way we want to build a business from this point forward.
Let the fun begin
After settling into our room, unpacking the suitcases and putting our nice clothes on hangers in the closet we sat down and just took in the view from our window.
Next, we looked over the shuttle schedule and the maps of downtown San Antonio. There was so much to do we could hardly decide what to do first. We decided to map out our route to the convention center and determine how long the walk would take so we could be on time without stressing out.
As we exited the lobby the view took our breath away. The Tower of America stood as a landmark and would serve as our compass for the rest of the week. The river flowed right beside our building and served as the pathway to fitness for many aging baby boomers fighting to turn back the clock.

The Secret to Anti Aging

Our first walking tour took us to downtown San Antonio on the River Walk. We later found out that the river is not naturally flowing. Instead, there are several pumps that aerate the water and give the river the appearance of flowing. The river bed is real and beneath the waters are fish, crawfish and snakes; along with many cell phones, cameras, and wallets lost by the many tourists who got caught up in the moment and were careless.

One item the city has plenty of is a variety of great restaurants, like Casa Rio to choose from. Tex-Mex is a staple and most delicious. Being a California resident my whole life it was difficult to understand the menu so plenty of questions followed. Come to find out the foods were the same just under a different name (tostadas were called chalupas). Dining on the bank of the River Walk took our dining experience to a whole new level. We highly recommend this to everyone who travels to San Antonio, Texas.
The atmosphere on the River Walk was one of relaxation, being transformed to another place in another time. From the beautiful flowers and shrubs to the Bald Cypress trees with their bulging root systems you did not feel as if you were in the middle of a busy city above.
The shops were almost invisible yet were accessible if you were in the mood for shopping. There was something for everyone when it came to dining. From seafood to Tex-Mex and Planet Hollywood to old Irish pubs every whim was satisfied at one hot spot or another.
To give you a good idea of what we experienced we took a river cruise tour. The history is deep in the city of the Alamo and a must-see for any history buff for sure. Although we could not film the whole tour, and you can not hear the guide we wanted to capture some of the memories to share with our friends and family when we got home.
So, grab a cup of tea, some popcorn or a snack and sit back as we take you on a tour of the River Walk in San Antonio, Texas.

Did you enjoy the tour? We sure did and we miss the River Walk already. But, we went to the city for a top business opportunity training and have so much more to share with you. First, though I have a question for you. Do you spend any time before or after or both to just enjoy the location you travel to for business? We never did either, until this trip.
From this trip on we have decided together that each year as we travel to get together with our business partners from around the country we will make time to stop and smell the roses. As our top business opportunity grows and business partners join us from locations distant from us we are excited to be able to develop personal relationships with them…in person, not just virtually.
This was the case with our friend Jan. We had met on Facebook several years ago and had become friends talking several times a month on the phone. Over time we had lost touch, she had gotten married and life went on.
As we entered the conference on the first day I thought I recognized this woman as I passed her by. After settling into my seat my curiosity got the best of me and I had to return. Touching her on the shoulder I asked if her name was Jan, her reply was yes…she did not recognize me as I had lost over twenty-six pounds and looked totally different than on my profile (note to self – keep profile picture up to date).
Looking at my name badge she then realized here was a friend from social media that she had lost touch with. Imagine our excitement as we caught up on those past months and introduced each other to our respective friends. Now, this is how business and the secrets to anti-aging should be, one friend sharing with another.
After a day and a half of information-packed training and networking hubby and I returned to finish our tour of the city and vacation. Relaxing with a great glass of wine and good food we enjoyed the mariachi band serenade while visiting with our friend, Tony.

Our tour took us to the Alamo, the Mercado and of course, The Guenther House for the most delicious breakfast we have ever had. We could share so much more about our time in San Antonio, but for now, you get the picture. That picture is of a wonderful city you can travel to, build a top business opportunity in and share your talents and gifts with even if you are not an aging baby boomer.
As we packed our bags our conversation came around to the people we met, the places we visited and the fun we had. Where else can a fiery grandma of four follow the baby boomer trends of building a top business opportunity to supplement her retirement income and travel the world all at the same time?
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baby boomer aging, baby boomer blog, baby boomer businessCarla Gardiner is an auto transport broker, dispatcher, health coach and a forever young, fiery grandma. Her passion and purpose lie with the baby boomer trends and the people she works with daily; aging baby boomers, dispatchers, brokers and truck drivers, too. Her frustration within the industry has birthed a new focus of her company; one to properly train, encourage and mentor others in regaining their health while building a top business opportunity, too.

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