Baby Boomer Trends Soar with the Eagles

Learning How to Fly with Eagles and Dodge the Pecking Order

Learning business birdwatching

Driving home from shopping my husband and I saw an eagle. Majestic and graceful you could see the power he exuded by the way he soared through the air. Keen, sharp vision and powerful talons make the eagle an intense and skilled hunter.

Further down the road a large hawk sat on a fence post waiting for a rodent to pop out and make itself available for lunch. The hawks are more plentiful around our area, yet they too are skilled hunters. They use different tactics to hunt their prey, yet the result is the same…success.

As we got closer to home and the ranches became more plentiful we could see the chickens roaming. They were pecking the ground in the yards gobbling up the succulent worms unlucky enough to surface at the wrong time.

All of the birds, whether an eagle, hawk or chicken are of the same species yet there is a definite pecking order that is the law of nature. It seems there is a natural pecking order in business too. In order to survive a business owner must learn what that order is, where they fit in and either learn to fly with the eagles or get in the pecking order in the chicken coup.

Never stop learning

Building a business in any niche takes time, someone to teach you the skills and sheer determination. There is also one more key ingredient necessary for someone to succeed; that is patience and perseverance. You can not give up and you must do what ever it takes to win, to fly with the eagles. You might even have to eventually ask yourself this question, "Am I all in"?

Have you ever wondered how many business owners went to college before starting their business? As a young girl right out of high school I had a strong desire to succeed in business. Not having the grades to gain a scholarship nor the funds to pay my own way through going to work was the logical next step in my life.

For the next few years many people would come and go in my life that would help me become who I am. To this day I can remember one woman in particular, her name was Carolyn.

She was a very tall, beautiful woman who dressed so professionally. She was the receptionist for our local utilities company who always had a smile and warm hello for everyone who walked through the door. Carolyn stood out among the various businesswomen in our little town because she took her appearance, position and job seriously. The pecking order did not matter to her, her customers were the most important thing in her day.

Your why, hold onto it

The oldest question in the book I can remember my parents asking was, "What do you want to be when you grow up"? From a small girl through my late forties the answer eluded me. It would take years to narrow this revelation down to this post, but I realized awhile back that what I want to be is a professional businesswoman to serve others, just like Carolyn!

The journey to this point in my career and top business opportunity has been full. Full of adventure, lessons and many people providing guidance, their expertise and wisdom. Putting all of the pieces of that puzzle together has not been easy for me. It has not been the fact that there was no formal education in business. It was the fact that I am different than everyone else.

Thank goodness for my why, my desire to be successful in serving others. My grandbabies are the reason I want to be successful, to be able to leave a legacy to them. To spend time with them is important to me because I spent time with my grandma, that was special to me.

Combine the deep desire to successfully serve others with my drive to spend time with my babies and you have a recipe for a successful business…as long as I continue to learn how to fly with the eagles, position myself in the right pecking order and never, ever give up.