How to Handle What Happens When You’ve Had Enough


How to Handle What Happens When You’ve Had Enough

Last week was super busy here in the home office full of babies, homework, and business. Helping you gain the confidence to look good, feel good and do good can be challenging to say the least.

At the beginning of the week, I received notice that a woman who helped form my confidence early in high school, one of my physical education teachers died. Death is always a sad event, mainly because there is nothing we can do to prevent it. Sending condolences my heart ached but knowing that the family knows my heart was somewhat consoling to me.

The next night I received word late at night that a good friend of mine had died. She had been there for me through thick and thin during some very tumultuous times as a young woman. Her support and guidance helped me after my first husband’s death and on into my new life raising my kids and our move.

Following hot on the heels of that night I received a private message informing me that a childhood friend had been ill, suffered from severe pain and then had an automobile accident and subsequently died…he and his wife and I grew up together and from first grade on have kept in touch.

Just now I got a phone call from a dear friend informing another acquaintance had been killed in a car accident. WHAT happens when enough is enough? In honor of each of my friends, we say goodbye for just a little while. The memories are etched in my heart to draw on when you come to mind. Know that you've touched my life, each differently for a time and season. Until we see each other again, rest in peace.

How to Handle What Happens When You’ve Had Enough

Friends, I share this with you because life happens. It has made me stop, assess what I’m doing with my life. Am I doing everything I possibly can to serve others? Am I raising up my kids and grandkids to be the best they can be in service to others, too? When it’s time to turn out the lights in our own lives will we leave a legacy of goodness and light?

My mission of leading women to gain the confidence to look good feel good and do good just got an infusion of rocket fuel. All but one of my friends' lives could have been altered by my message of truth about food, nutrition, and customized supplements. Their health both mental and physical could have greatly improved and not deteriorated like it did, with my help…and I didn’t share it with them in time.

Friends, …whether we’ve known each other a long time or short…makes no difference, I love you. Let’s schedule your assessment today, before I get another call that something has happened to you, your loved one or friend, too.