Entrepreneurs Make Money Not Busy Work


Entrepreneurs Make Money Not Busy Work


You are NOT Wonder Woman, Recruit Family Help


Entrepreneurs build a business not a job – When I first came home to work it was easy to slide into the old job routine. We all are “used” to doing one specific job within the business we worked for in the past. However, now that you are an entrepreneur it’s time to learn how to build a business that continues to earn you money, not busy work. A lot of people think that they can’t stair their own business – this just isn’t true. Unable to get a bank loan? Look t the best Credit Cards to Build Credit and try again! Not sure your idea will work? Ask the opinion of the people around you – they will definitely be honest with you. Unsure how you’d handle the pressure? When you’re your own boss, you can be the one setting yourself the deadlines so there’s no need to stretch yourself too much. The freedom you were looking forward to is a business that takes care of you if you are sick and cannot work if you’re working against it. Look for ways to delegate non-income earning tasks.

Here are 3 non-income producing tasks that happen daily in all businesses. How you handle getting these tasks done will dictate how quickly your business will begin taking on its own life and you’ll get yours back.


  • Errands are tasks in your past – Employ family members to do non-income producing errands. This frees you up to do what you do best, which is to bring home the bacon and keep it coming.


  • Take out the trash – Pay the kids to gather the trash bags each night before supper. They will earn a little pocket change, you’ll have a tidy, clean office and besides…you can write it off on your taxes, too!


  • Purchase and use the right equipment – When you first start out it’s important to be as mobile as possible. The most important piece of office equipment is the cordless headset for your telephone. It will save your neck, allow you to type as you speak with customers AND with a noise cancelling microphone it allows you to multi-task, if you get my drift….


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