Grandmas Vacation

Grandma Vacations with Family at Resort

All roads lead to family

The best memories we have are the ones of the many travels we have enjoyed together. As a young married couple who both needed to work, we made a vow that we would always take our kids with us, wherever we went. To this day we have kept that vow to ourselves and our family.

Now, as a grandma and grandpa we do our best to maintain that tradition. It is a little more complex to coordinate everyone's schedule, but it always works out. Our daughter and her family are pretty flexible as her husband works from home just like I do. Our son was able to get the time off to join us as we enjoy the benefits of our timeshare.

Everyone voted for Hawaii again, but the timeshare was not available in Maui. Since we can travel the world with our ownership, we decided to meet in Washington state, just north of Oregon. We chose to drive to a new location, Copalis Beach, Washington. Have you ever been there?

We wanted to share our vacation with our virtual friends so if you are a grandma or grandpa you can start vacationing with your family and make a tradition, too.

Day started early

The alarm rang and within minutes we bounded out of bed. The night before we packed our bags, planned out the menu and made the gift bags for the kids. Rising at 4:30 AM we turned on the coffee pot, ate our breakfast and loaded the pick up. Our son had driven down the night before to ride up with us. Our daughter and her family had left Idaho the morning before and spent the night in Portland, Oregon. This made the trip much easier on the four grandkids and their parents, too.

Twelve hours lie in front of us. Our destination, Copalis Beach held the secrets to this grandmas vacation with her family and the memories we would make. As the sun found it's way upward the skyline came into view. We had plenty to catch up on with our son. It was only less than nine months since we helped him move over the Sierra Nevada mountain range to a new job and new start.

Before we knew it lunchtime arrived and we needed to get fuel. We were all anxious to get to our family and our final destination. We forgot that in the state of Oregon we could not pump our own fuel. We quickly remembered as the attendant came running over telling us we could not do that! 

Finally, the truck full of fuel, hubby and son's belly's too we were back on the road again. Nearing Portland the traffic became thicker and we had to slow our speed. Having traveled to Seattle, Washington a few years earlier we knew we would have to work our way through snarled traffic for a little while.

Even though I had loaded my trucks before leaving there were still customer calls to tend to. The luxury of working from home is being mobile. Forwarding my office phone to my cell I could return them when we stopped for a break.

We were shocked at how many auto transport carriers were on I-5 during our trip north. Although we did not count them, we were able to snap pictures to share with everyone. Do you ever look for familiar sights and signs of your business niche when you travel?

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