3 Ways to Stop Crabby Dream Stealers


3 Ways to Stop Crabby Dream Stealers


This post is for you if you are thinking of redefining success after 50 or for that matter at any age. When you become an entrepreneur you must believe in yourself when no one else does. There are crabby dream stealers even within your own circle of family and friends. They must be stopped for your success to reveal itself.



Sometimes when we start our entrepreneur home business our excitement takes over any logical thinking. Mapping out a business plan is rarely given much thought either. Operating on sheer excitement is not a smart business plan yet it jump starts many network marketing businesses.

But if you are like me you don’t get started for initial success. You are looking for long term success and the income that goes with it, right? In order to achieve any long term success you will need to dig deep, stop the crabby dream stealers and believe in what you have offer.


Beware the-dream stealers

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I feel it’s my duty to expose who some of those crabby dream stealers may be. (This list is not meant to be inclusive nor exclusive) Those who love us the most will want to protect us from home-based business opportunities like network marketing.

Family can either be your biggest supporters and cheerleaders or they can be your worst nightmare.

Why? Because of the dream stealers quotes like “they heard from Uncle Joe that Aunt Sally did one of those things and she didn’t make any money”.

Really? Did anyone ask Aunt Sally why she didn’t make money from home? Was it because she bought a kit then didn’t attend any meetings, presentations or even open her mouth to share what she was excited about?

Maybe Aunt Sally just wanted the kit so she could get her product at a discount never intending to build a business.

The crabby dream stealers have now has stolen your dream of breaking the mold and building one of the best home businesses for your future. You must believe in yourself when no one else does, not even your family.

Friends can also be great supporters.

But, beware friends can also become jealous of the time you now spend in your business. Time you used to spend shopping, having lunch or simply hanging out with them is now dedicated to your business. You’re new found success and journey to becoming a leader shines a light on what might be missing in their lives.

Always keep in mind these issues are theirs not yours. When your accomplishments make another person feel uncomfortable and lash out at you take a step back, don’t react. It is simply their inability to face their own choices it has nothing to do with you, yet it does hurt. This is part of the journey of building a business although not a pleasant part.

Believing in yourself while building a business is tough no matter how you look at it. You’ll go through a lot of personal growth. You’ll learn skills that are foreign to you right now. You’ll also learn how to communicate better and more. Those closest to you are not going to like the initial change as it reflects on the lack of their personal growth.

So, you’re probably wondering what this deal with the crab theme is, right.


Let me share a little story with you.

Years ago at one of my network marketing company’s events I heard this story about the crab pot. It had such a profound impact on me and my business journey that I felt it was worth sharing with you, too.

You see, there is a huge crab pot full of crabs. 3 Ways to Stop Crabby Dream StealersThe water is cold and the crabs are simply chilling out, not stirring at all. The chef turns on the heat and the water begins to warm up.

Now several of the crabs at the bottom are getting a little warm and begin to claw their way to the top of the pile of crabs. Others are still just chilling not giving the impending heat much thought.

As the heat intensifies the few crabs on top are now clawing each other trying to reach the top of the pot to get out of the hot water. Still others are now not chilling but are not sure what is going on. All of a sudden, in a matter of minutes all of the crabs start clawing trying to pull those crabs back into the pot.

3 Ways to Stop Crabby Dream StealersIt’s too late…now the water is at a full on boil. The crabs at the bottom of the pot are now cooked. The few crabs that had vision at the beginning of the heat and worked their way up were able to successfully scale the pot to safety.



The moral of the story – how to avoid negativity

The crabs in the story above are representative of you, me and our family and friends. The pot of water represents our jobs and current life circumstances.

You see the crabs were perfectly happy in the cool water all together, miserable. They all faced the same imminent end…cooked. However, at the first sign of “heat” some took action and successfully survived. The others who were complacent did not.

Those crabs or friends and family mean well. They just don’t have the drive or determination to go after their dreams like you and me. Yet, they are more than willing to pull you right back down into the crab pot of broke, miserable and hopeless to dwell forever more with them.

When we step up and out to follow our dreams there will be crabby dream stealers.

Below are three ways to stop the crabby dream stealers:

  • You must believe in yourself more than anyone else to follow your dreams, to build your business and future success. Don’t allow your crabby dream stealers to cook your dreams.
  • Claw your way to your dreams, shout them from the rooftops and believe that you can. Rise up share your passion with those who are out there waiting for what you’ve got to offer.
  • Don’t ever quit on yourself, your hopes and dreams. After all, we are all responsible for our own choices. Choose wisely, believe and take action today. Step into your greatness and do it with all you’ve got. You are worth it.

3 Ways to Stop Crabby Dream Stealers

Now, it’s your turn. Share in the comments below your dreams, hopes and what you’ve done to stop your crabby dream stealers and pursue your dreams.

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