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Chat With Women Can Teach Us About Redefining Success

We may be women over 50 but we aren’t dead yet

Have you ever felt that way? You’ve worked the better part of your life building someone elses business and now it’s retirement time. But, now what? Well, as Chat With Women‘s Rochelle Alhadeff said “Girls just want to have fun. We may be over 50 but we aren’t dead yet”!

Pam Gray and Rochelle Alhadeff are the hostesses of the daily radio show Chat With Women . The show is based in beautiful Washington state. It airs at 12:00pm – 1:00pm Monday – Friday. In this entertaining show on KIXI AM 880, Pam and Rochelle share their own brand of funny, inspiring, and life-changing insights weekdays on the radio. I had the privilege of being interviewed on the show July 15th and had a blast. You can listen to the replay by clicking here and read below in detail what I shared on the show.

Why I decided to bring my business online

More than three years ago I brought my business online. My intention was to attract other men and women who like me were looking to redefine success after 50. I didn’t know anything about blogging, marketing or using social media.

Chat With Women Can Teach Us About Redefining Success

What made me decide to start working smart instead of hard? One of the most hard-hitting lessons I’ve ever learned was delivered via my little six year old granddaughter, Maebh.

One morning while working on my laptop at the kitchen table she came up to sit beside me. She said “Grammy, I love when you come to visit me. Why do you have to work all the time, can’t we go play”?

Her words still ring in my ears and they are the very reason I changed the way I do business each and every day.

If you are like me you’ve worked hard all your life. You’ve looked forward to the day when you can relax a little bit. Yet, you know there is still more you have to give, there are things you are passionate about and want to pursue before it’s too late.

If you are like me and millions of other women over 50 across the nation there are still bills to pay, places to go and see with your family. Frankly, it’s simply not time to sit in that rocker on the front porch while your life slips silently into the past, is it?

Now it’s your turn to redefine success after 50

So now is the time to dig up those long forgotten passions you dreamed of in the past.  Now it’s time for you to redefine success after 50 and live the life you thought you would have achieved by now. Join me as we learn together in a community of business owners from all walks of life, all ages and skill levels.

Let’s share that passion that you’ve suppressed all these years, the world deserves to see the real, fiery YOU. Don’t let that fire burn out, you’re too young baby to allow yourself to drift off to the retirement home with those who have lost all hope of ever building their dream life.

I hope you enjoyed the interview on Chat With Women and come back often to enjoy the fun Pam and Rochelle offer weekly. Be sure to check out the free gift I offered listeners at the end of the program.

Leave a comment below to share your favorite part of the show. Please share with all your friends who are looking to Chat With Women and redefine success after 50, too.


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