Do You Have a Plan B

Do You Have a Plan B?


I’ve learned that as a savvy business owner it’s wise to not put all of your eggs in one basket.



In other words, create multiple streams of income so that when business shifts, you are not caught short.

Many businesses have cycles that vary with the season. For example, for nine years of building my auto transport business, I observed that the price and cost of shipping cars varied from one month to another and from one economic cycle to another.

It was during one of those down cycles that I realized it was wise to start another business, another stream of income.

You know, just in case.

I chose a network marketing opportunity centered on health since that is something I really care about.


Circumstances out of your control


Sometimes in business circumstances happen that are totally out of your control. When that happens, you may find yourself working longer hours for less income and barely getting by.


So what is your Plan B?


How do you “stop putting all your eggs in one basket”? Do You Have a Plan B When I chose network marketing for my Plan B I knew it would take work, time and more work. You can probably see yourself in this picture somewhere too, nodding your head in agreement.

I wasn’t prepared for new government regulations or the quadrupling of my bond costs that sabotaged my auto transport business.

But, what I did do right started building Plan B, my network marketing health business. No, it’s not ready to replace my broker income. Yes, I am scared stiff. But, you know what is liberating about this whole situation? I don’t have all my eggs in one basket!


Implementing my own plan B


I get to create my own set of circumstances. That challenge will have me up and out of bed every day, even if I have to set the alarm clock. I’ll be ready to attack the day with a renewed passion for building a business, one person at a time. Heck, who do you know that has a passion like that? Who do you know wants to redefine their success in life with a reason to get out of bed and help others?

I’m not one who is willing to settle. I’ll bet that YOU aren’t either!

So, are you ready to create multiple streams of income and have a reliable and realistic plan B? Come with me; learn with me. I will share anything I can of my experience that might help you along.

Do you have a Plan B yet? Tell me about it in the comments below….even if it’s just a dream, for now, take a step in the right direction.


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