Core Values Reveal Who You Are Working With

Core Values Reveal Who You Are Working With

Have you ever wondered about the belief system of the people you work with daily? Do their beliefs line up with your core values?

I was preparing for a homework assignment for my marketing class. I had to dig deep to decide on my personal core values. I needed to understand the definition of core values. I found that core values are the fundamental beliefs of a person or organization.

Giving my assignment much thought I listened to my heart. Writing out five core values that are important to me I decided to share them with you.


My Core Values


  • Spirituality – I must keep Jehovah God as my primary focus. Developing my relationship with Him is the most important aspect of my life. Building my faith in Him, His commands and promises allows me to find peace, balance and joy. It also enables me to focus on serving you, keeping in mind your needs without being selfish.


  • Family – Sometimes I work so hard, get so focused that I forget the loved ones who are my very reason I’m building my business. Buying out the time to spend with my husband is a must. Even though he is retired and I work from home doesn’t mean I should not give him the special attention he needs and deserves. Our kids are grown but they still want “mom time”, too. Making time to take a phone call, encouraging them in their role as parents is special and shouldn’t be taken for granted. Grandkids are priceless, a real gift. Spending quality time often to play, talk with and have fun with shouldn’t be ignored. They grow up all too fast. Soon they will be off to live their own lives with or without Grammy and Poppy. Always remember your family, they love you and want to be with you.


  • Health – My health is important. I need to remember to eat real food. Eliminating processed foods and diet soda has allowed me to lose weight. I’ve stopped microwaving food; it kills the nutrients and leaves zero nutritional value for my body. I need to exercise even if it is simply walking, standing up to stretch often or work out on the Vibra Trim at the office. Drink more water, take breaks and remember to take my customized supplements daily. Vitamins help my body to ward off disease, the flu, and colds. All the money in the world won’t matter if I get sick and die. Remember, take care of your body and your health will take care of you.


  • Work Hard – When I’m at work I need to focus giving it 100% of my efforts and attention. Help others succeed by sharing the lessons I’ve learned not holding back. Ask a mentor to hold you accountable for your actions. Hold your team accountable for their actions. When I play I need to leave thoughts of work at work, turn off the cell phone, computer and play. My family deserves the fun I bring to their lives and I do too.


  • Freedom – by living my life by these five core values I’ll find the freedom to live a long, healthy, happy life. The lifestyle I’ve dreamed of building, one of adventure, friends and the freedom from the oppression of debt.


Listen in to this short video as I share with you from my heart my core values described above.


Now you have an inside look into what The Fiery Grandma’s core values are. I hope it helps you understand why I love helping you redefine your success.

I’d love to hear what your core values are. Share them below in the comments and pass this article along to your friends.


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