Fiery Grandma Brings Home Leadership Tips From Convention

You’ve heard it time and again. You must get to the big events; they will change your life. Honestly, how can attending a network marketing company’s convention change your life? That and many more questions were on my mind as I packed my bags headed to the annual LifeVantage Limitless Convention. This year it was held in Anaheim, California home to the famous Disneyland. 

Many of you know that I had been with another company for over fourteen years. The leaders in the company had done their job well. It was drilled into my head how critical it is to attend all functions, how all the successful leaders were always in attendance.  The lesson I was about to learn would change the way I looked at these large events forever. 

It might serve YOU well to learn the three key points I brought home with me from this years LifeVantage convention. Maybe you’ll be able to reduce the time it takes to build your business. Maybe you’ll be able to help your friends and family in the business improve their leadership skills. Maybe, just maybe by applying even one of these tips you can increase your check! Imagine that. 

Tip #1 – You must go and bring your team 

It seems that each event and the training that comes with them deepen my belief; my belief in the science behind the product and my belief in our leadership.

Learning from top professionals in biochemistry is pretty intimidating. Yet, Dr. Joe McCord is able to deliver our training in layman’s terms. We are able to learn about our DNA. We learn the difference between ingested antioxidants and those antioxidants our own body makes. (Eating or drinking our antioxidants our bodies can only knock out one free radical for every ingested antioxidant. However, when our body makes it's own antioxidants they are plentiful and powerful enough to knock out one million free radicals every second of every day)

Learning about the powerful formula behind the product, Protandim is incredible. (The patented formula is eighteen times more powerful than taking the ingredients one at a time. It's the synergy of the formula that makes it effective and so powerful.) Yet, the more powerful formula I learned about was having two of our new distributors by my side at the convention. They learned the same information at the same time as I did. The formula of duplication without me doing the training is powerful and undiluted. 

The networking aspect of the convention was so much fun. Introducing my new friends to my old friends from around the country was exhilarating. Watching as they learned each others stories, exchanged names, numbers, email addresses. Now they are connected to business partners all over the country and not reliant solely on me. A new found freedom, they now have access to leaders of all ranks to help them build their businesses, too. 

Finally, but certainly not least was getting to know the leadership of the company itself. Forged from many years of experience in the industry we found our company executives to be honest, caring individuals. Men and women who have the same vision we all have to help those we love and care about with their health issues, money issues and to build a common bond with each other.

Join us next week for Tip #2 that I brought home from convention. Your homework for this week is to share Tip #1 with your friends, family and business partners, too. It takes a team to run a race and we consider you part of our team.

We'd love to hear how you helped a friend or maybe even yourself using our business tips. Post your comment below.



Carla Gardiner is known as "THE Fiery Grandma" because she found new energy, endurance and youth. Her passion and purpose lies with baby boomer trends, the people she works with daily; aging men, women, moms, dads, grandmas and grandpas who want to feel better, have more energy and have fun like they did when they were twenty-something. Join her for more energy, fun and profits.