How To Step Into Your Health Journey Without Virtual Fear

Reality or not?

Have you ever played a virtual reality game? You know, the kind where you put on a headset and have controls in your hands.

Last night after dinner our son sort of coerced me to play. Mind you, I’ve never played a virtual reality game and he has…many times.

To set the stage …

I’m in an elevator and the doors open. The view is spectacular, raptors flying high overhead, the skyscrapers are all around, many below me …WAY BELOW me.

A plank about 6 inches wide appears, it is one step up and I am to walk out onto this. Here’s where I froze…

The step up and out onto this plank is like stepping off the top of the Empire State Building. My son kept telling me, “Mom, it’s not real, the floor is right there”. Yet, I couldn’t get my mind off of what was right in front of my eyes…NOTHING below me.
I got so anxious that my hands were sweaty, and I couldn’t breathe or move. Finally, he helped me to change to another game that I thoroughly enjoyed.

The moral to the story is this…

Sometimes starting something new is exactly like stepping up and out onto that plank, we freeze in utter fear. Even though we know our fears are baseless, we are still facing them head-on at that moment.

So, if you are one who is wanting to take your health journey to wellness and less pain with me, allow me to help you change the game playing in your mind, real or not. If I can do it, so can you.