3 Tips to Stay Healthy Even on Super Bowl Sunday

3 Tips to Stay Healthy Even on Super Bowl Sunday

Gameday, Super Bowl Sunday is on its way. I’m still wondering what all the fuss is about. These grown men wearing spandex tights, throwing a pigskin ball to each other are getting paid millions while their screaming fans are barely making ends meet.

Many of these fans are not healthy; matter of fact they are overweight, suffer from diabetes, chronic pain, and other debilitating conditions like fibromyalgia, lupus, and more. Yet, for some unknown reason, they choose to sit on the couch stuffing their faces with fat-laden, processed foods that only add to their waistline, increase their cholesterol and give them indigestion moments later. I just don’t get it and yet I used to be just like that myself.

Gameday preparation at home begins

The day of the game is a day like any other here at home. Hubby anxiously awaits the Bengals and hopes they whoop it on the Rams. He is so funny to watch as he prepares for the few hours he’ll sit and watch these athletes play. First, it’s the ice water with a little lemon, next it’s his munchies like cheese and crackers, peanut butter on celery, or mixed nuts all lined up ready to grab and eat so he doesn’t miss one play.

While he is gearing up for the big game I will be working a bit before heading off to feed myself spiritually, my preference over television any day of the year. I noticed a bit of information a dear friend of mine posted on Facebook. It got me thinking about what other people eat and how they stay healthy during this monumental game day. The research led me to some shocking facts that I thought I’d share with all of you and it’s not what you may be thinking.

Masses do not eat healthy foods on Super Bowl Sunday

According to the Super Bowl ad statistics of 2013 the top three foods to be consumed on that day were pizza, chicken wings, and guacamole dip with chips. Now, if you are like me and can barely wrap your head around eating all that food imagine how many avocados it takes to feed a nation of ravenous football fans. It is estimated that people bought 79 million pounds of avocados for guacamole for the Super Bowl (enough to fill a football field 30 feet high). Although avocados in moderation are healthy for us, combined with the other foods on the list it can overload our digestive systems.

Next up were the chicken wings, people ate an estimated 1.25 billion chicken wings on Super Bowl Sunday. Although I’m not a fan of wings it seems many chowed them down by the bucketful only to end up with intense acid indigestion later. I’ve always chosen the less fatty parts of the chicken like the wishbone or breast without skin. It is still tasty and a very good lean protein source.

What do you get when you combine over-eating, rich fatty foods, alcohol, and excitement or stress? Yes, that’s right “heartburn” or “indigestion”. Sales of antacids increased 20% after that game was over! I know they enjoy watching and rooting for their respective teams but is it really worth putting their bodies through this kind of torture?

The last bit of info really did surprise me, a lot. More people call in sick the Monday after the Super Bowl than any other day of the year! I suppose it only makes sense because our stomachs are not made out of steel and given too much food, too much excitement, and not enough exercise, water or rest it will become sluggish, reacting to the mistreatment like a scolded child.

3 tips to eat healthy even on Super Bowl Sunday

Let’s look at some tips, three to be exact that can help prevent that indigestion and heartburn when enjoying a Super Bowl, World Series, or any party for that matter.

  • Avoid fried foods, fatty foods, alcohol, and diet soda. Instead choose fruits, vegetables, water, or tea without sugar your stomach and waistline will thank you. Try eating a small plate (like a salad plate) meal balanced with proteins, veggies and berries. This will keep your metabolism revved up and burn the fuel you are putting into it.
  • Avoid the competitive stress that can lead to high blood pressure, anxiety, and more by getting up off the couch or chair during the commercials. Walk outside, down the hall, or have games lined up to get you up and moving. If you are in the company of others challenging your team loyalty, remember it’s a game…breath deep and have fun. Your heart, blood pressure, and lymphatic system will thank you and you’ll end the day with as much energy as you started with.
  • Have fun; enjoy the family and friends that have chosen to join you for the day.

If you choose to eat some of the “forbidden” foods don’t beat yourself up. Remember just eat in moderation. Drink plenty of water throughout the game this will not only flush out toxins in your system, but it will also aid your digestion and ward off those hunger pangs that are nagging at you.

When you use these three tips to stay healthy even on Super Bowl Sunday you won’t be one of the statistics calling in sick on Monday morning.

If these tips have helped you in any way, leave a comment below.