Tell Me This Isn't Your Story

Tell Me This Isn’t Your Story…

Grab a cuppa Joe, and get comfy as this story is going to take a minute or two.

Once upon a time, there was a young mom of two who worked at a bank in her hometown. She had dreams of becoming a successful businesswoman and climbing the corporate ladder.

When times and the economy shifted so did the needs of that employer and her hours were drastically cut. As you can imagine, desperate times call for drastic measures and this was one of those times.

On her way home from work she stopped at the local market to pick up that night’s dinner. The clerk working in the produce department engaged in timely conversation and long story short set an appointment with her to talk about earning extra money.

Fast forward…she loved the idea of the product and bought it right away. She also joined the business and got busy making a list of names to talk with. As her desire grew so did her income. She rose in the ranks … on sales alone (not a great idea).

For a short time, her problems were solved, or so she thought. Once again, times and the economy changed. She left the bank for lack of hours and costly childcare. Her business, title, and income from her part-time side gig were stripped from her and others due to the sale of the business overnight.

Devastated she left the industry, retreating like a beaten dog shivering in torrential rains. It took months to grasp what really had happened. After many years of swearing off MLM and network marketing, she found her way back.

The moral of the story is this, NEVER, ever put all of your eggs in one basket. Always have a plan to protect YOU, your family, and your assets. The responsibility is yours…use her story to make your own avoiding the pitfalls and trials she endured.

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