Why Would You Put Yourself Out There Live on Facebook

Day 11 of 100: Why Would You Put Yourself Out There Live on Facebook

               Good evening everyone! I almost let the night slip by without doing #11 of 100 Facebook Live video. You might wonder where is day #10 of 100? Facebook ate it and I can't remember what I reported on that day, ugh. In light of that, we are simply going to move on to the next video, lol.

My name is Carla Gardiner. I’m known as The Fiery Grandma because I lead women to have more fun, learning how to update their outdated wardrobe using affordable costume jewelry.

Whether you’re 50 and over and want a reason to get out of that rocking chair; or you’re under 50 and need someone to take you under their wing, I’m your girl. That’s right! I’m your girl!

               Today is day 11 of 100. The title of this video is Why Would You Put Yourself Out There Live on Facebook. What the heck does that mean? Here’s the deal, when you push that live button on Facebook, do you realize your mug, your face is live on camera to everybody. Not only personal friends and family that you're connected with but to your friends and their friends, too. It's like this incredible spider web. Why is it worth it to expose yourself to people that you don’t know? Let me share a little secret that you might not know.

It’s been a long day. Today is the first of the month and I was up late last night. My team and I were pushing hard. We gave it a good old college try to hit our goals and we missed it. But guess what? That is okay because the momentum will carry us through to the next month and we will hit our goals. It is exciting! That’s part of the fun working to build a business with a team; but, I’m a little bit wiped today. We also went to our son’s for dinner and I played a racing game in the middle of the street with my 5-year-old grandson. I was the stoplight, the finish line flagger. I did everything but ride the bike; so, I’m kind of pooped. There I go down the rabbit trail again, lol. Why Would You Put Yourself Out There Live on Facebook


I was going to tell you a little secret. It’s a little secret about being in business for yourself, working from home. When you want to grow your business, you can’t do it alone IN your living room. You can do it FROM your living room but you’ve got to have REACH. You’ve got to reach people who are looking for you.  When I decided to do this live challenge, I decided to be me, the real me, not to put on any pretenses, not to be some fake schmuck that is a promoter and will promise you the moon and promise you “Oh my gosh, if you work with me, you will make a bazillion bucks” No! That’s not me. Being myself, learning how to be the real Carla, not just in life but on camera going out to millions of people on Facebook. That is the secret. Yeah, that is what going live video will do for me and can do for you, too.

And you know what? One of my friends is on #91 of 100 videos, too. Do you know what she did? She challenged each of them to do 100 live videos, too. How awesome is that? Now I don’t know if personal growth is your deal. I do know that when my journey started back in 1997, it was NOT my deal. I didn’t think I needed personal growth. Do we ever think that we need to grow? We hardly ever think that we need to learn after leaving school; but, do you know what? I’m 62 years young. Oh, wait, no I’m not. I’m 61, lol. I keep trying to make myself older than I am. Anyway, in my 61 years, I can honestly tell you I’ve learned one thing and one thing REALLY well. We never quit learning ever until the day we die. And if we do quit learning, you might as well be dead. Seriously, think about it. If all you do is get up and watch TV all day long, you watch reruns or you watch somebody else making their fortune, while you’re sitting on the couch, stuffing your face, wishing and hoping and complaining about your situation, then you’re already dead, aren’t you? That’s how I was feeling before I found out how to have more fun.

 That is why I’m putting myself out there. There’s something that can be learned by sharing how you are feeling with other people even though we’re not having an interactive conversation. I really enjoy coming to you every day, sharing what went on in my day. When I share what I learned about the day, something personal with the grandkids, with hubby, homelife, or business life it makes it stick in my own mind longer.

I’ll tell you another thing I learned, and this might shock some of you but sometimes we all think that we have a rough go of it. We think that times are hard, unbearable and they are sometimes. Then you hear something on the news that you wish you hadn’t heard. It’s disturbing. Even though I know why things are happening I’m just like everyone else sometimes I still have a pity party. For example, “oh! how I wish this bill was paid off”. “Oh! I wish I could go on that vacation”. Then when talking to someone else they share what’s going on in their life. Now I feel pretty pathetic for thinking I have it so bad. I don’t have it so bad at all. Not at all.

Leaving you with this thought. Life is not all fun and games. Oh! Wouldn’t we all like to make it that way? It’s more fun to laugh and have fun than to be so serious, uptight, stuffy all the time. But if we don’t keep growing, we are dying. We have to keep expanding the brain. Learning is what fills the brain and keeps us healthy. It keeps us young. It keeps us involved. We have to have something to talk to other people about, you know? I’m not all about business, I would love to sit down and have coffee with each one of you. Just to get to know you as a friend. See what floats your boat, not just talk about me.

Thank you for watching. If this message made sense, if one point resonated with you, hit you smack in the forehead, feel free to share the video. Maybe someone else is waiting to hear this too. Now it’s your turn to gain the confidence to look good, feel good and do good. Have fun. If you want to learn how to update your outdated wardrobe using affordable costumed jewelry just like I did click here to schedule your free personal 30-minute consultation with me. Put a smile on your face. It takes fewer calories frowning and have sweet dreams. Bye for now!