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Day 9 of 100: Epic Failure: Lesson Learned By Recovering Perfectionist

Hey everybody! How are you? Look at that blue sky behind me. Isn’t gorgeous? You know tonight we went to dinner and I’ve got to share an experience with you. I was so looking forward to a nice dinner out nothing fancy, a simple home-cooked meal. But we got there and I was not sure we were in the right place. The service was not up to par. The food was not worth the money we paid. Did it fill my belly? Yes. Did we leave a tip? Yes. However, I wasn’t thrilled. I could have stayed home, made the same meal for a fifth of the cost and took a nap.

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So, today I’m on day 9 of 100 videos and if you’ll notice in the title of the video, it says Epic Failure Lesson Learned By Recovering Perfectionist What is that all about? The purpose of the challenge of 100 videos in 100 days is to go live every single day, once a day. Looking back on my Facebook, somehow yesterday got away from me. The entire day went that way and being a recovering perfectionist; yeah, I know there’s no such thing but I’m working on it. This morning when I woke up, I realized that I had missed my live video. I felt like the ultimate failure. One video, one missed video could make me feel like such a failure. But then, I thought … wait a minute, no, no. The whole purpose of this is to teach me how to get better. I decided I was not going to treat myself as a failure. I was not going to quit. Picking myself up, dusting myself off it was time to do my next video for you, to set the example. (did you miss the first 8 videos and articles?) Click here to start at number one.

Yesterday is gone, we can’t get it back it’s gone. This experience also taught me another lesson. We need to stop and smell the roses along the way every day because we can’t get a lost hour, day, or moment back. It reminded me of when I was younger, working full time trying to figure out my way in the world. I would slough off the kids telling them later when I had time. They’d been at school all day; we’d been at work all day they had things they wanted to tell me. I came home and we’d have dinner. We needed to help them get their homework done, then give them 30 minutes of TV time while we sat next to each other. Then, the day was done.

The kids wanted more but we didn’t have more to give. If I had that time back if I could take it back and do it all over? The work could have waited, the career, the home business, the extra stuff could have waited. My kids are more important. That’s what the grandkids are teaching me now.

The point is not about my grandkids or my kids but it is about not being able to get the time back. So why cry over spilled milk, right? Today, I got caught up on a whole bunch of work, and completed projects. I ignored doing every message and email that popped up. I silenced them. These projects had to get done. There were more, so, I focused on the one in front of me. One more live video in a group got done and posted thanks to my accountability partner.

It dawned on me that I didn’t have an accountability partner for these 100 videos per se. The thought then came to me, wait … yes, you do! I discovered that I needed to be my own accountability partner. My friends on Facebook are holding me accountable. They are waiting for you to show up every day. They want to hear what wild wacky tale you are going to tell next.

That was my epic fail, not getting my Facebook live done yesterday. My lesson learned was that we cannot beat ourselves up. The day is gone. We can’t cry over spilled milk. Let it go and move on. So, here we are day 9 of 100. And I hope you don’t have to learn a lesson like I did letting time, just like sand slip through your fingers.

If you found this valuable in any way, your friends would appreciate you sharing this information and tip with them, too. Leave a comment below sharing your thoughts and story. Until tomorrow, go look good, feel good and do good but most importantly laugh a little and have a whole lot of fun and grab your best life ever.