Brainwash to Sell or Research to Care



Brainwash to Sell or Research to Care

Today I’m going to expose one of my weaknesses to help you avoid the pitfall I’m climbing out of right now. While talking with a good friend yesterday I realized something so profound and revealing about myself that I just had to share it with you. I’m not sure if anyone else has ever done this but I know I did and don’t want to do it again. Looking back on the way I looked at the business so naively is pretty scary. (tweet this) Hopefully, you’ll understand the lesson and avoid the pain and years of frustration I endured.

Employee to part-time business owner

The first thing that popped into my mind while talking with Beth was that when I first started my home business I was still a bank employee. I knew my job, how to provide great customer service and exhibited my loyalty daily. The extra work after hours didn’t bother me because I knew one day I would be able to walk away from that banking job for good.

What I didn’t realize at the time was building a part-time business was not the same as working at a job. There is more to being a business owner than simply performing the tasks of secretary and customer service. Not realizing the infrastructure was already in place at a job I took for granted it would be the same when I worked from home.

Tip number 1 – working from home is fun, allows you freedom from a boss and set hours; but, you must work regularly, set a schedule that works for you and don’t allow anything or person to interrupt your money-making efforts.


On-going training is essential

To solve that problem the company provided training seminars. Unlike at the bank, these seminars taught us a little company history, a little product training and a little of the “how to market” training. When we left we knew a little more than when we arrived yet not enough to really build a business. Excitement helped me to attract my first customer and distributor all by itself. Would that be enough to set me free from my job?

Brainwash to Sell or Research to CareIt didn’t take long to realize that on-going training was essential. After three years of regular company-sponsored trainings, I felt confident enough to share the business and product with others in a professional way. The problem was that I overheard one of my friends talking with another saying “I could never do what Carla does, she knows about all the products and the compensation plan like the back of her hand”.

Great! All that training, time and money invested – for what? It seemed hopeless and I felt like a failure. Over the next fifteen years, the product sales continued but my business flat-lined and so did my paycheck. What did I do wrong?

Tip number 2 – learn to satisfy your own curiosity by researching before choosing your new supplement, business or friend. You are not the focus of your business – your prospect is. It’s not about you it’s about them. (tweet this) Keep it simple so they can see themselves doing what you do.


Brainwash to sell or research to care

None of us like to admit we’ve been duped, I certainly don’t. But, after being introduced to a new company and concept in helping others I learned that I had been brainwashed to sell.

The company training had done its job. The product was good, a quality nutritional supplement line of products that got results. The compensation plan was fair, yet not exactly easy to duplicate.

However, it never dawned on me that I had not done my own research before buying, joining and sharing with my friends and family. It wasn’t like we were robbed; but it did shed light on why we all were building our business like a robot, simply driven by money without heart.

By taking ownership of my own research now I know I’ve got the right information to share with everyone. Now, I look at everything in life differently, through the eyes of a self-educated businesswoman rather than a brainwashed salesperson.

Tip number 3 – take ownership of your decisions. Ask questions to satisfy that nagging voice inside you. When you research for yourself your life takes on the direction you want it to go. (tweet this)


Brainwash to Sell or Research to Care



Research builds responsibility for decisions

Now it’s time to ask some tough questions to you. I’ve opened my heart and mind exposing the mistakes I’ve made. Do you ask yourself those tough questions before making decisions? Questions like:

  • What are the side effects of the medicine/drug my doctor is prescribing
  • What are the ingredients in the immunization my child is having injected into their body
  • You’ve heard about GMO’s do you know what it is and why you don’t want it in your foods
  • What can I do to get my health back like when I was younger
  • Is it time to start researching a way to make more money
  • Why consider working with Carla to redefine success versus other women over 50

When you do your own research, take ownership of the information gathering process you are not led like sheep to the slaughter. Now, when you make a decision you will be able to sleep at night knowing you’ve dug as deep as you can. You can make an educated decision that makes for a solid foundation in your finances, business, and even your relationships.

By using these tips and avoiding the pitfall I’m climbing up out of you can begin building that home business the right way. Knowing you did your own research thoroughly will allow you to share what you have with those you love and care about openly and honestly.

If you’ve had an experience like this I’d love to hear your story. Leave your comment below and please share this with others who might benefit, too.

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