Oxidative Stress Baby-Boomer Food For Thought

Thanks to many of you I feel better now, like a normal aging baby-boomer. Wondering what is a normal aging baby-boomer?
In my last article we learned a little something about this thing called oxidative stress. I feel better because many of you contacted me and mentioned you wanted to know more about this cause of so many of our aches, pains and diseases.
Not being the only one to not understand or know much about oxidative stress and how it affects our bodies gave me confidence that I wasn’t living in the dark ages after all. This led me to do a little more research.
Oxidative Stress and the Apple
Think back to the lazy days of summer when you were a kid. Mid-afternoon your mom gives you an apple to hold you over until its dinnertime. If you were like my siblings and I you didn’t want to stop playing to eat the whole apple. So you laid it on the porch while you went back to your game of marbles in the dirt. When you return to finish the apple it had turned brown and you didn’t want to eat it anymore.
What was that brown stuff on the apple? Oxidative stressoxygen damaging the cells that eventually cause it to rot.  I found a video I thought you would enjoy; it sure cleared up some areas I was confused about. I always learn better when I see and hear things, don’t you?
As you can see, left untreated (you can use lemon juice to preserve fruit from oxidizing) the apple will eventually rot away to nothing. Believe it or not our body’s cell, our very DNA does the same thing.
Oxidative Stress and Human DNA
Research teaches us that a cell is a cell and oxidative stress affects everything at the cellular level. It’s easy to see why disease is so rampant. Did you know that over 200 known diseases have been clinically linked to this naturally occurring function within our body?
Yes, there are trillions of cells in our body that make us who we are. Inside each cell is the brain otherwise know as the mitochondria. Those cells create the energy that keeps us alive and we must do everything we can to protect them…it means our life, right?
When our cells make energy they also produce waste or oxidants which are also known as free radicals. This makes sense just like putting fuel in our car to make them run, fuel is energy. Once the engine burns the fuel the energy produces waste known as exhaust.
A naturally occurring event such as eating, breathing, living in general and using a necessary natural element, oxygen which is vital for our life creates waste that if left unbalanced will kill us. What? Yes, you read that right.
Let’s take a look at another video that will give us a visual look at human cells burning our fuel – food. The cell will then produce the waste or oxidation which in turn creates damage to the cell.
Cancer, Heart Disease, Duchene Muscular Dystrophy and Autism
Although research shows there are literally hundreds of diseases and symptoms clinically proven to be caused by oxidative stress let’s look at the top four.
While doing my research I found it interesting that these four well known diseases are also the most well known causes to be supported by the masses. Even my family has been supportive of the American Cancer Society and the American Heart Association at one time or another in our lives.
Many of our family members have died from cancer, heart disease, stroke and yes, Duchene Muscular Dystrophy. However, enough is enough. I’m tired of supporting causes and ready to take action. That action is educating others to the reality that there is hope, there is a way to stop these killers dead in their tracks, at the very source of the problem, oxidative stress.
I urge you to take time to watch the videos above several times. Click the links, visit the studies, do your own research using studies that have been Peer Reviewed…this is a comprehensive process and is not to be taken lightly. The more I dig, the more information I find has been out there all along. We’ve been misled for years and how much longer are we to keep the blinders on? Our family’s lives are on the line. In today’s world our food sources are tainted, our water polluted and we must step up to the plate to protect our own body, each and every one of us is responsible for us.
If you are tired of the nonsense and being misled to believe that your life is destined for chronic pain and disease too contact me, let’s talk about stopping oxidative stress in your body. Regain your lost energy, endurance and youth for a lifetime the way you always dreamed it would be.
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I’d love to hear what your research has revealed. Leave your comments below. Feel free to share this with your friends and family who can use it, too.


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