You Can't Eat A Blogging Laptop That Flies
You Can’t Eat a Blogging Laptop That Flies

Wow! All I needed to come home to – a computer that will not boot up. Right now all I can say is “you can’t eat a blogging laptop that flies“. Let me explain…

After a long day in the office, my husband took me out to dinner before I could begin blogging. He knows that once I begin writing my daily blog for the “It’s Your Turn Challenge” I won’t stop until I’m done. So he whisked me off to our favorite restaurant, a family owned Mexican restaurant that we visit often. It was the perfect way to end a day, good food, a nice leisurely visit with the man I love and to top it off we saw a friend we hadn’t seen in a very long time. With full bellies, we headed home knowing there was still work that needed to be finished before the day’s end.

I turned on the laptop to allow it to boot up while I put our leftovers in the fridge. Our dog, Dexter was happy we were home, so some much appreciated hugs, pats and rubs were in order before getting back to blogging. As I entered, the office I cringed…the laptop did not boot up, it was not ready to go. No, the screen was black, there was no soft humming and my full stomach turned and dropped.

Hoping I was just over-reacting, I pushed the power button hoping it was just in power-save mode. To my horror it was not, nothing…I simply wanted to throw it out the window. My first thoughts were how am I going to finish blogging tonight? I had drafted what I wanted to blog about. I even found just the right picture to get the point across visually and saved it all…in a file on the blogging laptop.

So, there’s really no point to this blogging article other than to vent this blogger’s frustration with technology; the same technology that is suppose to save us time, make life easier and faster. Hogwash! Simply put … you can’t eat a blogging laptop that flies!

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