Customer Service, What is it to You?

Customer service…what is it?

I am not sure if I can explain what customer service means to most folks, but I can certainly tell you what it does not mean, to me!

On a certain shopping trip my husband and I frequented a large retailer in our local area. This store pretty much is the only shopping choice we have, that is if we want to shop economically and have a little variety, too.

I realize in this new economy that wages are not the best, probably the shifts people are expected to work are not ideal…but, at least they have a job! As someone who is spending their paycheck in these employees’ place of employment, it would make sense to think that this is generating their paycheck, right?

Why is it then, that some of these folks could care less that you are there, care less if you find what you are looking for and care even less if they get the freight and their dollies out of your way, so you can continue your shopping which is providing their paycheck?

Now…I can tell you one thing…this is NOT customer service at its finest.

Would you agree? Nothing frustrates me more than to run across an apathetic employee who has zero skills in the area of serving the very ones who are spending money in their place of employment and thus fueling the economy to secure their job. They even have the nerve to ask “me” to move so they can get on with their work. Is not that backwards?

It all starts with training in our youth…

You know, I used to get really upset with my grandfather who taught me how to work, how to treat others in the workplace and how to go above and beyond to make sure the customer always came first.

But now, as an adult I have come to appreciate the lessons grandpa taught me and wish that more grandparents and parents alike would have taken the time to teach their children how to treat others, with common courtesy.

So, if you are a business owner and your employees do not have customer service skills, a wise investment into your business might be to provide training for all employees to develop the type of excellent customer service we expect in today’s marketplace but is sorely missing.

This will mean more customers willing to spend more time in your place of business, which equals more sales and profits for you, the business owner.

I am hoping my next visit to this store… will result in a more positive shopping experience, just like visiting your home office health cabinet. I hope that you never have to experience such a nightmare as we did on that particular shopping occasion.

I’d love to hear of your “customer service” experiences, care to share?

Helping Turn Back the Clock,
Carla J Gardiner