Future Star Kids and ADD-ADHD
Future Star Kids and ADD/ADHD…
Shall we Love ‘Em, Leave ‘Em or Drug ‘Em?

School is back in session, teachers will be watching. Future star kids and ADD/ADHD appear. Will they love 'em, leave 'em or drug 'em?

I had a great conversation with a friend the other day. It actually inspired me to do more research on a subject that some consider taboo. We were chatting about health, nutrition and kids in general. She mentioned that she struggles dealing with the lack of focus and attention shown by her little future star.

After listening to her story and the dilemma she deals with regarding her little girl, I shared the following story about my nephew with her.

My thanks goes out to my friend Nina for suggesting I address this issue early on in the school year. Our mutual hope is that the information will help parents across the country help their future star early in the year to prevent frustration and struggles inherent with ADD and ADHD.

My youngest sister is ready to quit being a mother!

I'm the oldest of five children. Always having been the one to babysit, organize the rest of the kids when mom went off to work, my youngest sister came to me when she was at her wits end.

Knowing that several years earlier I had gotten involved in learning more about nutrition, health and wellness my sister wasn't interested at all. She was young and living life to the full, literally. She said that vitamins and all that stuff didn't matter and besides she couldn't afford it being a single mom and all.

When her youngest went off to kindergarten she was thrilled, finally a little break from the kids and their endless energy. She worked full time and she hoped that school would tame the child that had been terrorizing her home for 5 years.

Like any working mom, she would come home and want to collapse. Each day she would hope she could come in the door, visit the privy, freshen up and relax before fixing dinner. Watch a little TV and play with the kids would have been an ideal evening before homework, a bath and finally bedtime.

Unlike my sister, the boys energy was still at it's peak. School only fueled what seemed to be an endless well of the stuff she wished she had just a little of. Then it happened…the rash of phone calls any parent would never want to receive.

Your future star is in the principal's office again…
That sweet, innocent little boy sat crying on the wooden chair there in the principal's office. He had accumulated more green slips than anyone who went before him.

He didn't know what he had done wrong. He was an active little guy, very smart, very social. His only offense? He couldn't sit still through a lesson. He would catch on, finish the task and be up and out of his seat, visiting.

So…there MUST be something wrong with him, right?

It seemed like my sister was getting a call every day. At least twice a week she received the call that he had been sent to the principal's office. How embarrassing and more important…she had to take time off of work to go take care of this menace.

The teacher's didn't know what to do. My sister didn't know what to do. Then, she came for a visit and shared her plight with my mom and me. Through frustrated tears she wanted to quit being a mom. She didn't want to handle all of the stress, the embarrassment nor the tears of her precious little boy!

Just what the doctor ordered? NOT…
As it turned out I had just returned from a health and wellness seminar. A world renowned physician was in attendance and lectured on the value of good nutrition, supplements and how it affects our children and their behavior.

He had a vested interest in the subject. His extended family was going through the exact scenario with two of their children. Through diet and supplements he was able to help his family and their children balance out their systems and NOT treat them with drugs, the recommended solution all too often pushed on parents.

What were the chances of me attending that exact seminar right before my sisters visit?

What we learned were hard cold facts about the foods we are eating and giving our children. They are full of sugar, refined carbohydrates that turn to sugar, high sodium is commonplace and all of the red, blue and green dyes are a major factor in how our foods are lacking in proper nutrition. These ingredients are the reason our kids behavior is what it is…out of control.

Combine those nutritional facts with the fact that our schools are quick to shout the “ADD/ADHD” scare tactic to reap in much needed state funding and you have a recipe for disaster. 

My Sister's Peace of Mind, My Nephew's Formula for Success…

That fateful day, my sister came to the realization that she was wrong. Health, wellness and nutrition was something she needed, like yesterday!

We started my nephew on Future Star, a Symmetry product for students. Each morning with breakfast she would mix up a glass of orange juice (Future Star) for my nephew. 

As weird as it sounds…he liked it, even being as young as he was – he liked how he felt. A calm came over him within 15 minutes. He could get dressed without going off doing other things. My sister's shouting bouts stopped, all of a sudden he was a different child.

Then came the phone call she hoped she would receive. About three weeks after his first glass of juice, the teacher called to ask what she had been doing differently. Afraid to ask, my sister inquired what the teacher meant.

My little kindergarten nephew was not in trouble. He hadn't gotten a green slip in weeks and was completing all tasks. She reported that he was staying in his chair and the future star of the class. This was the little boy my sister knew was inside that body all along.

Today, my nephew is in the eighth grade and a future star. He has been on the honor roll this whole time in grammar school. His GPA is a 4.2…that is a long way from the little boy who spent his first few months in the principal's office.
Help your little future star.
Take charge of your family's nutrition. Make adjustments in the foods you buy, the supplements you put in your body. You only get to live life once, live it to the full.
To your vibrant good health and a school year free from drugs, enjoy your week, get your future star on the right road now…

Here to Serve,
Carla J Gardiner
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