Warning: Before Quitting Your Job to Work from Home Consider These 3 Options

Warning: Before Quitting Your Job to Work from Home Consider These 3 Options

Last week we looked at the top 3 reasons working women over 50 are tired of their jobs. Which one of those 3 reasons stabbed you right in the heart? Hopefully it caused you to start looking at your options for working at home and wanting to take control over your life.

As promised this article is number two of three. Today let's look at three of the top solutions to help working women like you decide if working from home is an option or just a pipe dream.

At our age why jump the corporate ship?

After decades of working for someone else isn't it time you take control of your life? I mean really, what would it feel like to be your own boss, have you ever thought about that?

Imagine if you could eliminate your commute. How much time and money would you save yourself by working at home instead of driving hours to your job?

Remember the last time you got a raise? Were you satisfied with your pay increase or were you the one who received a pay cut? Doesn't it infuriate you to be at the mercy of some faceless CEO in the glass tower limiting the glass ceiling on your family's standard of living?

Let's not forget those negative, gossiping co-workers. Are they really friends who care about you, your family and your hopes and dreams? If your co-workers are anything like my old ones they could care less and probably would stab you in the back to get your position given the chance, right?

Do you come home after a day at the office and share your day with your honey with such enthusiasm that you are bouncing off the walls? No? Why not? Are you as bored with your job as I was with banking?

So why are you still at that boring job, feeling unappreciated, unmotivated and hating your life?

Before you quit that job

Consider for a moment what your options really are. In this economy none of us can afford to make rash decisions. Heaven only knows the times I've done something in a fit of rage only to wish I hadn't the next day. Has that ever happened to you? You might end up wanting to get back into the world of work right away, but despite all of your best efforts like following brilliant templates like this, you still can't catch a break?

One such work at home scam to avoid is the “stuffing envelope” jobs we've all heard about on television. Do you really think you can replace your income doing a “job” like that? I doubt it and I'd bet the shirt off my back that there aren't even envelopes to be stuffed anyway.

So, let's look at real, viable ways to quit that job, work from home and start designing the life you thought you would have at this point in your life, your pre-golden years.

Possible solutions can include all sorts of work at home jobs. Which type of business or job you choose to learn and build will depend on your personality, your passions and skills.

Traditional business: In the past eight years that I've been working from home I've watched many businesses come and go. Men and women who have chosen this traditional business path usually have some knowledge of how to run a business successfully. They also have money set aside to invest and sustain their lifestyle until the business turns a profit.

However, USA Today reports “Sometimes the best business ideas fail to take hold – not because there isn't demand, but because the start-up was under-capitalized, or the entrepreneur lacked management know-how or simply gave up too soon. “If you really believe in it, you keep fighting for it,” says Earl “Butch” Graves, president and CEO of Black Enterprise, the magazine founded by his father, Earl Sr. One-third of new small employers fail within two years; and 56% are toast after four years, says the Small Business Administration. About 672,000 small employers launched last year – but 545,000 others closed, the SBA says”.

At this point in our lives many working women shy away from the traditional business model simply because of time, investment and working capital and the amount of dedicated time it takes to build a successful business. But, it is one solution to leaving that corporate job you hate. If you do decide to leave that corporate job to start your own business, there are a few suggestions you could follow to help your business be successful. The first suggestion is that you research your business and know exactly what your target market is. The next suggestion is that once you know what your target market is, you can hire a PR agency to help make your business successful. Anyone can make a business successful, for example you might have a business in the Philippines and you need to improve your business brand. If this is the case, you could simply google how is PR in the Philippines? You might even live in a completly different location such as America and you can google a similar thing. The point is no matter where your business is, there will always be a solution to making your business successful.

Network Marketing: This business model is the oldest type of business yet it is the least understood in today's world of working women over 50. This work from home business can provide residual income for years to come, even on into your great-grandchildren's lifetimes.

Think of residual income as royalties like Elvis Presley's estate gets each time you listen to “You Ain't Nothing But a Hound Dog”. Typically startup costs are less than a thousand dollars and your return on investment is quick. There are ample tax benefits to running your business from home including hiring your spouse and kids to work around the home.

Network marketing companies have many products ranging from nutritional supplements for the health conscious woman to anti-aging skin care products, candles, jewelry, scrapbooking and more. What is it that floats your boat, what do you really like to do when you aren't working? This will help you in making your decision about which business model and company you would like to work with.

According to Michael L Sheffield, Network Marketing Expert Consultant “In recent years, the movement toward home-based business has accelerated with the downsizing or “right-sizing” of traditional businesses. This trend has increased public awareness of network marketing. Studies by the Direct Selling Association (DSA) indicate that:

  • Direct selling accounts for annual sales of more than $80 billion world-wide.
  • The US contributes nearly $25 billion.
  • 12 million Americans derive independent contractor income from direct selling.
  • One in every 10 households has someone involved in network marketing or direct sales.

Note that “Direct Selling” is the sales industry's umbrella term for personal sales methods that include network marketing as well as older methods, such as door-to-door sales. Today, network marketing comprises the major part of “direct selling” figures”.

I chose network marketing as the solution to building my business online today because of:

  • the statistics above
  • the flexibility of building my business in the nooks and crannies of my day
  • the fun community of friends

Affiliate Marketing: another solid option for working from home is affiliate marketing using online marketing systems. I've found a great community of like-minded working women over 50 who are leading the way to profits using their strengths and passions. Visiting makeawebsitehub.com was very useful when I first became involved in affiliate marketing. This gave me the basic knowledge required to give it a proper go.

With affiliate marketing you share other people's products and they pay you a percentage of the sales. You are able to learn how to blog, use social media to market yourself, your skills and products for much less than traditional advertising would cost you.

Using a proven system to learn how to market products is a cost effective way to earn as you learn how to brand yourself in the big pool called the internet. Inside the system you are guided by those with expertise in each area of the online process of selling, including:

  • Setting up a blog
  • Writing blog posts
  • Developing products
  • Branding yourself
  • Learning Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Social Media Networking

There are ample tax benefits to using affiliate marketing, too. You can even combine network marketing with your online marketing system to learn what's called attraction marketing. This is what will separate you from the amateur marketers out there. With perseverance and time your rewards will be multiplied much faster.

There you have it; three possible solutions for working from home for you working women over 50 who are ready to consider quitting that job you are so tired of.

Come back next week for an inside look at my passion; the business model choice I made for working from home and why it's fun, profitable and worthy of a good hard look for you, too.

If you know someone who needs this information, is at that point in her life that she is about to call it quits but doesn't know what to do, where to turn, share this with her.

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