100 FaceBook Live Video Challenge Day 14


Day 14 of 100: Brain Fog Appears When Eliminating Foods

Hey everybody! How are you? It is day 14. Can you believe it? Two weeks in and at this rate, 100-days is going to fly by. What do you think? As you come on, give me a heart. Give me a thumb. I’m outside with all the stuff in the air so excuse me. I’m here in my backyard in the shade. I’m not going to talk about how nice it is because that would just not be fair. I went out for a little community service today.

My name is Carla Gardiner. I’m known as The Fiery Grandma because I lead women to have more fun, learning how to update their outdated wardrobe using affordable costume jewelry. Whether you’re 50 and over and want a reason to get out of that rocking chair; or you’re under 50 and need someone to take you under their wing, I’m your girl. That’s right! I’m your girl! 

So today I’m on day 14. I left you yesterday on day 13 hanging with what’s going to happen after you make a decision to really want to lose weight. As you know I started drinking weight loss coffee and it got me mentally prepared. I’ve had some people reach out to me about the coffee. I want to go on record to let you know that I don’t sell it, not sure it is still available. You can get your mindset ready to start your weight loss journey without it, too.

So, what was the big reveal that I was talking about yesterday? After you make a decision, to get started, lose your first few pounds, and start feeling like you want to make a change then you will. I mentioned that when you start eliminating some certain kinds of foods you’re going to go through something. However, I was in total denial about this. When it hit, its’ kind of like getting hit by a Mack truck. I didn’t think it was going to happen to me. No, not me. Well, yes! Me. It’s going to happen to everybody.

Before I tell you what I eliminated to experience this allow me to tell you about the effect.  You will experience the Mack truck about day 2 or 3. Can you guess what it might be? The Mack truck manifested itself in a total brain fog. I have never have been in a mental, physical top to bottom fog like I experienced that few days. I imagined it might be like what the walking dead feel. I had a slight headache. I don’t think my body really knew what it was feeling. I had this horrific mental fog perhaps partly due to a headache. If you have ever had a migraine headache, you feel like you are in that fog-like state. Your body hurts so badly, you can’t even think. You don’t even know your own name. You can’t put two thoughts together.

Although I wasn’t hurting like that, that’s how I felt. I was just like walking around in this stupor. I couldn’t work. I mean I worked but I wouldn’t say it was my best work. It wasn’t quality. I made mistakes. So, if you’re going do this, then I’ll share what foods I eliminated from my diet that wreaked havoc with my body on tomorrows video. I highly recommend starting midweek so that when the brain fog sets in it fall on the weekend when you don’t have anything planned when you’re not responsible for anybody but you.

When I decided to eliminate these foods major brain fog set in. I couldn’t function for 2 to 3 days. You need to know that that’s going to happen so prepare for it, plan for it.

On another subject, I made this yummy dinner tonight. I’m doing this Instapot challenge taught by my friend Nikki Tomaino Allemand.  Holy guacamole! Listen to what I made in just 30 minutes, start to finish. Honey garlic chicken, oh! It was so good! Rich wanted Basmati rice. I chose to substitute a healthy green salad with lots of veggies instead of the rice. I ate the chicken, glaze, and salad with blueberries and tomatoes and peppers. We added jalapeno garlic green olives they were so good, only 2 of them though. While I ate I savored that flavor. The Instapot thing? It is the real deal. 30 minutes for chicken? Can you imagine that? It was good too. Tender, flavourful. Do any of you guys have the Instapot? Have you used it or it is still in the box in the pantry? And I can say that without feeling guilty because mine was purchased in November and I pulled it out in June. So I’m guilty. But man! That thing infuses the flavor into the meat like there’s no tomorrow. It is yummy.

So anyway, back to the weight loss deal. If you are serious about wanting to change what is not working for you, then make that decision. I can totally guide you to the who, what and how just like I am still doing.

(continue talking about the Instapot, lol) I mean there are somethings that you will use a crockpot for; but, this Instapot is the deal. The next thing I’m going to use it for is to make hard-boiled eggs. Tonight’s class, which I didn’t get on because I was making dinner, was a rack of ribs in the Instapot that fall off the bone. Oh! yum yum!

I’ll tell you when is the best time to get it guys. Watch for them on Amazon during amazon prime day. I got mine for like 79 bucks, free shipping. Holy smokes! Yeah! It’s like a killer deal. I can’t remember if mine is 6 or 8 quarts. I am thinking it is 6 quarts because it’s just me and Rich. But it is plenty big for the two of us. I have lots of leftovers making these recipes. Each of the recipes, oh my gosh, they make you go yum. The first recipe I made was the egg roll in the bowl with no wrapper on it. Oh my gosh! Yum! The recipe made dinner for Rich and me on the first night. My granddaughter, Rich and I ate another meal the next night. And I had one bowl left, enough for maybe a lunch for me. How awesome is that? Tonight’s honey garlic chicken made enough for 2 meals for two. Compare this to the crockpot and for some reason, I can’t get it right we eat it for a week. Rich gets tired of that real fast.

Back to the brain fog. You’re going to want to watch for those symptoms if you decide you want to take off this weight for the last time, for good; because you are going to experience it. If you are in total denial like I was, you are still going to experience the brain/body fog, you will. It will affect your entire body. Just prepare for it. Make sure you do it when you’re not working when nobody’s depending on you. Prepare the hubster. I’m going to be useless for a few days. Just let me go through it.

Tomorrow, day #15, I will share with you what I changed to bring this on. So be ready. You’re going to be surprised because I told myself that I’m healthy, I’m not going to detox. The truth is I was in denial.

So, you guys, alright. I’m going to get off here. I’ve been working all day. It was a day in the office with just me. I made a to-do-list and I checked task after task off of it. Oh, let me introduce you to my friend Sarah Lopez, she owns Simple Solutions by Sara. You guys need to connect with her. If you have a home business and you’re looking to expand outside of your local area, join her page and check out what she does. It may not be for everybody but there may be that one person looking for what she does out there. She is good at what she does.

Can you believe it? I am wearing a size 12 now. I haven’t worn a size 12 since I met Rich. 39 years ago I wore a size 12. The one and only time ever in my life, I wore that size. I swear to Pete, no joke, I think all the way through high school, I skipped in sizes of 2. So, I’m pretty stoked I’m in a 12 at age 61.

Now, I’ve got 20 pounds to go to goal and I need to do some toning. Do any of you know how to work out with weights at home? I don’t want to join a gym just to go lift weights. It’s like there’s should be a way to do it at home. But I need guidance on how to, what to do. I need to tone up the grandma flap, you know, under the arms and a little bit on my back and tummy. How do you guys do that? Don’t say crunches because my lower back won’t hold up under that pressure.

Post your suggestions in the comments below. If you are good at that kind of stuff, I need tips on that. Alright, I’m going to hop off of here. It’s actually kind of nice out here. Maybe I will just sit out here, close my eyes and enjoy the fresh air.

Join me tomorrow for day 15 when I will share with you what I gave up in what order and what the result was. Have a safe and sane night. Hey! If you want to shop for some cool bling as I’ve got on, these are matching pieces, go hop over in my VIP page. I have an album sale going on right now through midnight mountain standard time. Click here to shop my Facebook Page at Simple Glam Transformations VIP.

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