Ignite Your Business Using Social Media

Quit chasing family and friends, attract high quality prospects who want what you have faster.


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Are you a woman over 50, ready to start a direct sales business, but don't want to talk with family and friends?

Already have a direct sales business and want to use social media to attract prospects but don’t know where to start?

Are you ready to add another source of income to your business and use social media rather than old school tactics?

                  …………..What if your learning curve could be cut in half?



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About Carla


…because I can help you do just that.

I work with women over 50 who are direct sales leaders, newbies, affiliate marketers and forward-thinking entrepreneurs who have a message, opportunities and products that people are looking for and desperately need. But, the old school methods of marketing just don’t work anymore.

I’ve found a way to reach those forward-thinkers and am helping them to make money while they cut through the noise online. They begin attracting qualified prospects using social media instead of chasing their family and friends and start building their business and making money faster.

It’s time to enjoy life as they are building the business that will provide the income they are looking to for security and the lifestyle they’ve always dreamed of.


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