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Introduction to Ann Sieg and An Online Business Marketing Training System That Works!

Traditional Network Marketing
Network marketing found me as an ex-banker who loved working with customers, solving their problems but not making enough money. Tired of being expected to conform to corporate thinking and forgetting the customer’s best interest I left banking after 20 plus years of serving the public. Sick and tired of the rat race working from home, leveraging my time seemed a perfect fit for the lifestyle I dreamed of.However, after fifteen years of struggling offline, doing everything my up-line told me to do, I still had not built the business I thought I would have nor had I earned the kind of income I needed or wanted…actually I was buried even further in credit card debt.

I decided to come online looking for a way to build my network marketing business. I was convinced there had to be a better way, a faster way to find the kind of like-minded business person I wanted to work with.
Online Marketing Answers
After three years of buying every product, taking every class and workshop, working with every guru and expert, attending live events and maxing out even more credit cards I still hadn’t sold one product, recruited one distributor nor increased my bank account one red cent. I've looked around at several different SEO services and how what they provide in terms of marketing and audience reach. It is fascinating how, in just a short few years, online marketing has completely changed to this new dynamic. I hear that Ram SEO Company provide great information about online marketing if anyone is interesting in learning how to expand the reach of their online marketing channels to expand their business network, maybe I should try them next.
Then it happened. One evening I received an email from a friend. We met taking some of the same online courses and learned from some of the same online business coaches. Additonally, some of us took it upon ourself to use tools like this google keyword rank checker to help get even more of an understanding as to what we could do to improve our online businesses. The more you know, the better it'll be. In the email was a link to a free webinar. This webinar introduced me to a “system” that would help me systematically attract like-minded individuals to my business. Anyone who uses the system would be able to sell more products, attract more distributors and follow up with them all in an organized manner…that is what I had been looking for all alonga proven system that would work for me.
During the webinar I frantically wrote notes, points that interested me. I saw holes in the training I had previously, I saw pieces of the puzzle that had been so unclear to me become crystal clear. I got really excited.
Because I built an auto transport brokerage and dispatch center from the ground up I’ve learned many important business basics; one being – when you recognize something of importance, when an opportunity is presented to you do not let it slip through your hands. You may never get a second chance to grab that opportunity again.
When Ann explained and showed how the system works, the detailed training modules that take you step by step my heart started pounding like a race horse at the gate. I knew like I knew that I had to have and start using this system right away, it was a no-brainer.
I can’t stress enough the benefits that I saw that were a fit for people like me and YOU.
My Secret Tool – “The System” that works:
  • Exclusive access to the private Daily Marketing Coach training site which includes: videos, group calls, webinars, team meetings, live events, workshops, coaching and over $50,000 worth of additional bonuses and tools (Value: $2,818)
  • Participate in team brainstorming sessions and mastermind calls (Value: Priceless)
  • New and exciting income-producing team challenges every month! This is one of the big secrets of our success. (Value: $197 per challenge)
  • Ongoing support and personal guidance through our private community Facebook team page.(Value: Priceless)
  • Access to our proprietary “perpetual mini-launch model” marketing funnel, plus as many as 4-5 weekly *live* webinars for you to plug your leads into (it doesn’t matter what opportunity you are promoting) (Value: $15,000)
  • A one year complimentary subscription to Ann’s exclusive Leader’s Circle membership (Value: $1,164)
  • Additional opportunities by becoming a Daily Marketing Coach trainer!
Attract high-quality, like-minded prospects who are already pre-sold on me and my opportunity… how to use “remote-control-selling” to sell to 1,000 (or even 10,000) people in the same amount of time it previously took me to sell to one person… how to start making money from every single prospect regardless of whether they join my opportunity or not… and much, much more.
There is one word of caution though…if you are like me you tend to procrastinate a tad too much. I saw with my own two eyes that Ann means business and you must take action, NOW if you want to work with her and her team and proven system. She wants to see you get results!

Old Network Marketing Versus Online Marketing System

You’ve been looking for a system to help you build your business, right? But, if you keep doing what you are doing now how can you expect to get a different result tomorrow?

It is true, for things to change you must be willing to do something different. Why continue to go into debt to build your business? No it won’t happen overnight, with any business there is a learning curve, of course.
However, why not cut the fat off the cow, cut straight to the chase and use a proven system to build it bigger, faster and more profitable now?
I highly recommend using the Daily Marketing Coach system if you want to build a sustainable, profitable, duplicatable network marketing business. Why?
If you don’t do something different you’ll be just like I was. You’ll be inviting your friends and family week after week to your home parties, hotel meetings and coffee shops without making a dime.
If you continue trying to build your business the old-fashioned way you are going to go broke, if you last that long without getting frustrated and disgusted first. You don’t want to waste 15 years chasing your family and friends who do not want what you have anyway, do you? I can almost bet, if I were a betting woman that you do not want to be calling people out of the phone book at 9 o’clock at night after a long day’s work, right?
Imagine, using a proven system that attracts customers and distributors to you. No more buying leads, no more calling friends and family, no more people avoiding you in the grocery store or on the street. Imagine learning from a woman like Ann Sieg. Imagine having access to ask her any question, anytime to propel your leadership skills, your business building skills faster than ever doing it the old fashioned way.
Use the proven system that helps you attract those like-minded men and women who are searching for what you have…like a magnet and become the distributor at the top of the leader board instead of the struggling one at the bottom wishing you were there.
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