Warning: Are You a Connector?

Network Marketing Could Be Your Plan B


Do you have your Plan B in place?

If you are like me you might be asking yourself why you need one. You might be thinking I have a job and retirement plan, I’ll be just fine. I’ve heard about network marketing, no one succeeds at those types of businesses. Really?

I have a challenge for you. Watch this short video, and then keep reading. I must warn you though, you are about to see some very shocking facts. You must be prepared to make the necessary adjustments quickly…I did.

This 7 minute video changed the way thousands of men and women nationwide look at being a connector and network marketer.

When you are a connector, network marketing can build your plan B for security for you and your family.


Why choose network marketing today

If you are like me you’ve heard things like “Run! Don’t get involved in one of those network marketing scams. Aunt Sally’s Uncle Joe did and he lost money”. Seriously? There is risk involved in every sort of business, especially in these tough economic times. But, those who take the biggest risks are those who gain the most.

However, being a connector in network marketing gives the every day mom and pop, like you and me a chance to start a business for little investment. You develop entrepreneurial skills like how to be the connector and learn marketing techniques. Today it is even more crucial to look for a business that uses the network marketing business model to fund your Plan B.

Our country’s economy is headed south and fast. Gone are the days of job security and long lasting pensions. Many men find themselves out of jobs just when they thought retirement was within reach.

How do I know that? It happened to my husband and me! Our financial goals were built around hubby retiring at age 66. Instead he found himself in the unemployment line at age 62.

The only hope we had of being able to retire one day was the part time business we had started building more than a year earlier. His reward for 40 years of loyal service comes in the form of a monthly check…in the amount of $200 per month. Talk about a rude awakening. Do you think that is security or the lifestyle we had planned for our golden years? Hardly!


But what about traditional business

We truly thought our auto transport brokerage would fund our lifestyle very nicely for years to come. I had learned how to be the connector of customers and truck drivers. For the first two years life was great. Then when the economy turned and people started losing their jobs they stopped shipping their cars. Our retirement security began to look increasingly bleak.

Today, we are faced with closing our business due to changes in government regulations, fees and a declining market. Our belief that traditional business was the way to financial security was very wrong.


What’s the answer for your future?

I know many of you are just like me, connectors. You have worked your whole life with the belief that by working hard and giving it all you’ve got the system will take care of you. The system – a good job, with benefits and a good retirement simply doesn’t exist anymore.

I’d like to introduce you to one of the resources that has enabled me to use my skills and background to reinvent my business. The author is a top educator in the field of network marketing and one of my mentors. Click here to see more.

It’s time to wake up and face the facts.

Are you going to go back and re-watch the video above because you still don’t get it? Or are you like me, you felt it to your core the first go round and are ready to do something about it now?

If you aren’t ready to take your future in your own hands and want to trust in the outdated system that is broken…well, we aren’t meant to work together. I wish you much happiness enjoying the “pipe dream” retirement that only a job can give you.

However, if you’d like more information about getting started on your Plan B and working with me then we need to talk. Enter your information in the form below and let’s talk to see if network marketing is for you, too.


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