How I Fit Working, Business Blogging, Grandkids, and Fun into Daily Living at 60


Business blogging, it’s a love-hate relationship I have with it.

Where it all began.

About twelve years ago I was introduced to the idea of writing my thoughts, lessons and business tips down to share with others. Seemed kind of weird to me; but, all of the online, successful leaders like Angela Brooks assured me if I wanted to succeed I needed to build a business blogging site, write weekly articles and success would be attracted to me.

Fast forward those same twelve years, where is that success they said would be attracted to me?  As a matter of fact, not only did the success not show up but, I quit four years ago. I quit everything during the last 3 years of my life including my network marketing business and sharing the products I love and care about. I quit trying to be a leader, gave up on those friends I sponsored into the many companies I had joined. I quit caring what everyone thought about me, my business, my business blogging followers, my life, my finances, my husband, children, and grandchildren. In fact, you could say I hit rock bottom emotionally, physically and spiritually.

You are probably wondering what happened to prompt me to quit. It’s really a long, long story. A story filled with lessons valuable in network marketing, business, and even everyday life. So, welcome back to my business blog. I know…I said last June I was back…well, that is a whole other story. Suffice it to say that the past nine months contained so many things for me to share that I will be able to blog for several years in order to share every tip, trick, and the lessons I’ve learned in life, business and once again…network marketing.

If you’d like to learn these business and life tips, tricks, and lessons that will shave years off of your learning curve in your business you are welcome to follow along. I’ll be posting right here on my business blog each week. If you are like me you’ll want to subscribe to receive my newsletter in case you overbook yourself or have the grandkids on the day the post comes out…you don’t want to miss one morsel, I promise you.


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Carla Gardiner is a mom of two, fiery grandma of seven and married to her husband of 38 years. She is a focused, driven business owner who made a big move in her late 50's which rocked her entire world. Transitioning from her native hometown to her new home three states away took guts, work, and dedication to get the job done. Now, she is focused on helping others make the transition to a simpler, more relaxed lifestyle that they have been dreaming of, one step at a time.