Why I Do What I Do

Good morning, friends. How are you?

Have you ever wanted to know why I do what I do? I was asked that question this morning. So, I thought I would go live and share with you the exact answer.

My name is Carla Gardiner, The Fiery Grandma. I help women over 50 get healthy, lose weight naturally using a holistic approach eating real foods, using customized supplements, essential oils, and community support from like-minded friends.

Why I do what I do, in a nutshell, is described in a text that I got today from one of my customers. With her permission, I would like to share with you what she told me. I'm going to read this because I can't say it any better. Her results are not typical. Her results indicate why what I do is different than just selling weight loss, it is different than just selling a product. It's a higher level of service. That is what gets me out of bed every morning. Here we go. Ready?

So she says, and I will quote all of her notes to me.

“My gosh, I can't believe that in one week of eating right, backing off of, not eliminating coffee, what it has done for me. I went from blood pressure readings of 188 over 105 to 126 over 72; and today 114 over 67! One week, no pills, no medication just eating right, taking my customized nutrition, and using the essential oils as directed. The oils definitely helped, especially Lemon and Frankincense. That Frankincense is the bomb. I haven't gotten started yet on my training, but I'm excited about the oils. I can't tell you how much better I feel!! I haven't weighed for a week. And I don't care because I feel so much better”.

She says, “I hope you like this”. 

Are you kidding me? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Her results pair up with my hubby's results on blood pressure, blood sugars, sleep. She didn't even mention sleep. You see friends for years,  she has had an issue of being unable to sleep. If she could get three to four hours of sleep at night, she called it good, but she didn't feel good.

Friends, it is the stories my customers share about their results that get me up in the morning. It is being able to guide women to the right information for them. It's customized. It's not one and done. We're all unique individuals and we all need something different.

So, friends, I have a gift for you today. Click here to download my free guide, Remarkable Secrets for Women Over 50, to Look and Feel Energetic and begin taking steps to start feeling better today.

So friends with that, this is why I do what I do. I hope you have a great day. If you found value in this information, share it with another friend who wants to feel better like my friend did. I'm so grateful that she shared her results with me because that gives me the energy to keep going the rest of the day.