Best Vitamins and Supplements Where Are They?

Overwhelmed by all of the choices of vitamins and supplements, information, and products out there?

It seems that every time I go to the store there are more choices to make than you can shake a stick at. Wandering through the aisles the other day this exact situation came up.

Trying to choose between 12 different styles of journals seemed like it should have been an easy task. But it wasn’t easy. Each journal came with a unique cover, from faux leather to embellished cutesy art. Some had snap closures while some were simply bound like a book I just bought. Why can’t they just make one, then you wouldn’t have to choose!

After 20 minutes of looking at all of my choices, a little voice said…”it’s just something to write in for pity sakes”, choose already. But, having that anal personality there had to be more to it, right?

Back to analyzing the choices, I looked at how many lined pages each contained. What would it feel like to write in it, would I want to own it? Finally, one was chosen based on looks, the feel of it in my hands and number of pages combined with a fair price.

The ongoing debate – he said she said.

As I drove home and re-lived that shopping experience thoughts came back to me about why certain vitamins and supplements were purchased. What made me choose them over the hundreds of others out there?

A discussion arose that morning before leaving for the store with an online friend about which vitamins and supplements are best. Keep in mind each of us had our own view and opinion. We each genuinely believe what we use is the best.

Being curious the question arose why he felt his was better. Wouldn’t you want only the best for your family, too?

For 30 minutes he degraded me. He then went on to degrade the vitamins and supplements my family and I have been using for 14 years. Then the conversation, well his dissertation came back slamming me. He informed me that I was an idiot if I couldn’t figure it out and he was done with our conversation.

He elaborated on his credentials and made sure that I knew his education was far superior to mine. Continuing with his slight he informed me that this was exactly why he doesn’t like working with people who know nothing!

Wow! He wonders why he was unable to serve anyone or get any customers! After politely thanking him for the education I excused myself and was thankful that the conversation was online, that he couldn’t see my facial expressions or body language.

He taught me a big lesson reminding me of another…

Have you ever flown on an airplane?

Flying is so cool; you can travel high above the earth at speeds unheard of on land. There’s no traffic up there and the amount of miles you can travel in a short amount of time is incredible. We are wined and dined by lovely flight attendants who make us comfortable. Our flying companions entertain us with friendly conversation or we can read a magazine kindly provided by the airline for our convenience.

We board the plane. We do not know our flight crew, their credentials, experience or track record. Yet we trust them with our very lives to get this big, heavy piece of machinery off the ground. All common sense tells us it shouldn’t even fly.

Do you know how aerodynamics work? I sure don’t, its way too complicated for me. My point is this, we get on a plane, with a crew we don’t know, we don’t understand how this plane flies and yet – we fly. All we care about is getting to our destination safely and on time.

Why then do we feel the need for micro details?

Finding the benefits of a journal, vitamins, and supplements or any other product are details we all need to know before making that purchase. Why though do we need to know the what, where and why of how it works in minute detail? Seems silly doesn’t it.

What my online friend hasn’t learned yet is this. When we started using the vitamins and supplements 14 years ago I didn’t care how they worked or how they were formulated. All I wanted was something to help me feel better. I wanted and needed my energy back. To sleep at night without back spasms and pain was a real desire. Wanting stomach pain to go away was right at the top of the list, too. And, oh how I desired and needed the migraines and chronic PMS to stop.

My online friend will learn that calling someone an idiot for not knowing the chemistry and blah, blah, blah…was the dumbest thing a person could do. To this day I believe the average person, including me, does not know how or why vitamins and supplements work and frankly…I don’t think we care.

All I can tell you from experience is that within a few weeks my energy was back. Within a month I was sleeping like a baby and the back spasms were history. It’s been over 10 years since the migraines disappeared!!

Do you think most people care how vitamins and supplements are made or how the ingredients work?

No, I doubt it and frankly, most are like me, they just want to feel better, period. All I know is there are thousands of people around the world just like me who have found the relief they were looking for too.

So, the next time you go to buy something, sure do your research that’s being a smart consumer. If it has worked for someone you know, ask them what they liked about it. If it has documented testimonials from satisfied customers, read them.

Leave the chemistry and research to those qualified to do that for us and get the results you are looking for today.

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Who knows you might even help them prevent their body from some degenerative disease like cancer, heart disease, stroke or many others.

Here to Serve,

Carla J Gardiner

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