Three Tips to Help Energize Expectant Grandparents

Three Tips to Help Energize Expectant Grandparents

This past Tuesday is one that I’ll not soon forget. As an aging grandmother expecting her fifth grandbaby I knew that we all would need long-lasting energy to endure the labor and birth of the newest addition to our family. You’re probably thinking why would the grandparents need to be energized…they aren’t giving birth, at least not in the physical sense, right?

Well it’s been 48 hours since we welcomed our newest little grandson, Lucas Richard Gardiner into our world. Yes, he finally made his grand entrance Tuesday, February 19th at 1:38 PM and you are right, we didn’t give birth physically to him. However, we found that emotionally supporting mommy and daddy is hard work too especially when circumstances are out of the ordinary. Let me share Lucas’ story and you’ll understand why long-lasting energy was necessary for everyone in attendance.

Mommy’s health sets stage

Little Lucas is his mom’s third baby. She hadn’t had any issues with the previous two pregnancies. However, this time she had undergone gall bladder surgery and her liver was cauterized. This created a high-risk pregnancy due to Cholestasis that caused the mid-wife to watch the progression carefully.

Inducing labor at 37 ½ weeks was necessary to avoid health complications for the baby and mommy, too. The medical staff did everything they could to allow her to deliver the baby naturally. Grandpa and I made sure to take our Protandim that morning; we knew we were in for a long, arduous day and would need all the long-lasting energy we could muster up. We even packed our multi-vitamins with us just in case the labor happened to go late into the night.

Not yet time

After a long, exhausting Monday of labor pains the progression stopped. The birthing process was monitored by the kind nurses who encouraged and pampered our daughter-in-law to be. They told us to go on home and we would begin the process in the morning, hopefully with faster results.

When hubby and I got home it felt like we had worked out in the fields all day long, we were exhausted. Before going to bed we had a chance to talk over the events of the day. We couldn’t imagine what we would have felt like had we not taken our supplements for the increased energy. We remembered how we felt when we were in the kids’ shoes; before we learned the importance of taking good quality supplements and Protandim. Matter of fact, it brought back those memories of how sick my body and mind were during that period of my life, when I was in my twenties, not good.

Sweet dreams and a new day

The next morning was gorgeous outside, sun shining, birds chirping and as we ate our hearty breakfast we anxiously awaited the call from our son. Around ten o’clock the phone rang. They had started the medication again and now we just had to wait.

A couple of hours later our son called again this time with the news that they were in the room breaking her water, it was time for the baby to be delivered. After having two of my own children I knew we would have a few minutes to get there, no rush but within an hour or so. Within five minutes though we received another call, one from her brother telling us to get there, the baby was coming. No other instructions, nothing out of the ordinary so off we went to the hospital.

Not what we expected

As we briskly walked down the hallway and rounded the corner to the maternity ward we saw our son and his mother-in-law standing by the waiting room. Something wasn’t right…

We found out that an emergency caesarean was necessary. When medications to speed up labor failed and they broke her water they found that there was too much amniotic fluid. This caused the baby to float too long. The cord wrapped around his neck which made his little heart stop beating. Thank goodness for technology! The fetal monitor alerted the midwife and she took immediate action.

Within minutes of our arrival the doctor came out of the operating room to share the good news with us – the baby and mommy were both healthy, doing well and would be just fine. Everyone broke down crying as the stress of the situation lifted in relief!

The three tips I promised for energizing grandparents

It may seem odd to add in to Lucas’ story energy tips for grandparents. But, I learned a valuable lesson these past few days and I’m certain that there are other grandmas and grandpas out there who could use this information the same as we did. It’s really very simple, yet when we are in the supportive role, not physically involved we should never discount the amount of energy our minds and bodies will utilize. If we don’t have a reserve of energy built up like the power companies do we can very quickly deplete our energy and the result? We will crash and burn, our immune systems will be compromised and sure enough we will find ourselves with a cold, the flu or worse.

So, take note of these three tips to energize yourselves, grandparents…your new little granddaughter or grandson will thank you for a long, long time.

1 – Eat sensible, healthy meals before going to the hospital or birthing center. Stick to lean proteins, dark green, leafy vegetables and bright colorful fruits. Watch your portions, don’t overdo and stuff yourself. Re-fuel your engine, don’t flood it.

2 – Drink plenty of water. Lay off the caffeine-laden drinks, i.e. coffee, tea and sodas. Do not drink sugary drinks like Red Bull, Rock Star and more. It’s easy to turn to these false energy boosters. But, the reality of these drinks is that they suck the energy from you with extremely high energy then the sudden crash. Long-term health benefits are at risk by using these popular energy drinks…don’t do it.

3 – Get up, walk the halls with mommy. Not only will you keep your circulation pumping but you’ll help her push the labor right along. Speed isn’t the issue here it’s the motion of walking that will pump the lymphatic fluids through your system and help keep you energized the whole day.

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