The Fiery Grandma’s Healthy Bullet Coffee

Hey, everybody. Welcome to the cafe tonight on the night shift, my name is Carla Gardiner, The Fiery Grandma.

I hopped in here today because Angela is traveling. I’ve got the girls over at The Clubhouse taking care of things. So many people have been wondering what that specialty coffee is that Angela makes for me when I’m on the fly. I thought, why not demonstrate it for you tonight. Since I only drink healthy coffee over at the clubhouse, and I typically request THIS coffee in the Cafe, I’m going to demonstrate for you so you can see all the yummy ingredients in this delicious treat.

The first ingredient is your coffee of choice. Since it’s late we’re going to start with my nighttime coffee, Dandy Blend. Since caffeine is a no, no I replace it with an herbal coffee. It is so good! It tastes just like coffee, but without all of the side-effects.

Because I’m in weight loss mode, this is going to be my dinner and you’ll see how I fix it up, packed with nutrition. You’ll be able to ask Angela or one of the baristas in the Cafe for the special ingredients, too.

So for healthy fats, which are an essential part of any meal, I’ve got powdered MCT oil. Let me get my cup of coffee started before I begin. We will also be using heavy whipping cream, about a tablespoon and a tablespoon or two of real butter, too.

So, add a scoop of powdered MCT oil . Shoot, that bottle is gone, next. The Cafe has all of these special ingredients in the storeroom, or you can message me and I’ll guide you to where to purchase each ingredient to make your own customized blend of The Fiery Grandma’s Healthy Bullet Coffee.

I have and use one secret ingredient. This is it, one scoop of my clean collagen+. This stuff is unlike any collagen I’ve ever used. It’s a multi- collagen blend. It has four sources and it’s got a bunch of other good stuff in it.

To cut sugar cravings I add in the next secret ingredient, organic cacao! I don’t know, use a tablespoon or so, and we’re going to toss that in there. Next, I’m going to take a scoop of my clean whey protein. This protein powder is going to give me 24 grams of protein,  and I can show you how to get the whey protein I use.

One more thing.  I’ll have to be light on one ingredient. I usually take two tablespoons of butter, but I’m out. So, okay I think we’re ready for the magic. I’ve got all this goodness in the Nutri-Bullet cup. Then we’re going to pour the hot dandelion coffee in. Friends, it’s very HOT! Okay.
You have to make the coffee extra hot to make this because when you blend it with these other ingredients, it’s going to cool down fast. Now we’re going to use the Nutri-Bullet to make the healthy bullet coffee . Hold your ears, it’s going to get loud.

Are you guys ready for this chocolatey goodness?

You can leave out the cacao when using chocolate protein powder, unless you LOVE the deep rich flavor. The lid will get suctioned on. When opening the blender cup be very careful so it doesn’t explode and splatter YOU with HOT coffee.

You don’t want to use MCT oil because it will ruin your blender seal.  Trust me, don’t do it. Here we go. It’s very frothy. Can you see that? You don’t want to do these too often because it is heavy in fat, but a nutrient-dense meal replacement or treat. OOOHHH, very HOT!

This drink is a meal replacement that will control your sugar cravings, gives you 24 grams of clean whey protein, and gives you your collagen for nice thick hair and nails. My skin is getting so much better and I’m losing weight, too.

So, this is the secret coffee we use over at The Fiery Grandma’s Flab-U-Less Clubhouse. We’re going to be starting our Back to Basics 7-Day Challenge soon. If you’d like to know more about it, come on over to The Clubhouse. We’re gonna learn how and why to get healthy at 50 and over. It’s more than just weight loss. It’s about our entire body, mind, body, and soul; including real food and little secret tweaks.

If you’d like this recipe, enter your name and email address below. I’ll be glad to send you a PDF of The Fiery Grandma’s Bullet Coffee.

Alright, you guys, I will see you later. Order up your coffee here and if you’d like to order any of the ingredients in the bullet coffee, shoot me a private message. I’ll hook you up there, too. Have a good night.