Warning Your Choice Soapbox or Obituary


Warning Your Choice Soapbox or Obituary

Warning! Today I’m getting up on my soapbox. I’m going to share how you can stay out of the obituaries.


Reality check on soapbox

Today started out just like any other day here in the office. My husband, while having coffee read the obituaries to me. I know seems kind of odd to read about people dying every day, doesn’t it? But, you know when you get to be our age, over 50 that is, sickness, disease and yes, death become part of our reality; but, does it have to?

When working from home it’s not always easy to stay in touch with those friends who have left the area. If you don’t see them at the local Wal Mart, work with them or see them at church they tend to slip your mind until you read their name in the obituary in the local newspaper.

Since I’ve been working at home for over nine years many of those acquaintances from high school and my old jobs have come and gone. Seems there’s never enough time to keep up with what’s going on in their lives let alone share what’s going on in mine. Having an important message to share with them is always on my mind. Yet, I care about them and what’s going on in their life more than just to connect for business reasons.

It’s not until we are jerked back to reality like I was this morning as we read the obituary in the paper that we start thinking about reconnecting with those friends and I get on my soapbox. You’d think that it would be a simple task, being a connector and all. Yet, who knows where these friends move off to, or where they are working now. Do you know where all of your friends work play and live?

Technology makes reconnecting easier

One way to stay connected is through social media. Facebook has been a source of reconnecting with classmates that have moved out of state. It’s always a surprise to see who is in my Inbox sending a friend request. You can also get on your soapbox and share important messages with ease.

Using social media to market my online business is second to use it to reconnect with long lost friends and relatives. It also allows me to get on my soapbox and share the information that can be life-saving with so many friends.

The beauty of technology today is that relationships can be rekindled with the click of the mouse. Even the least savvy person can catch up with ease. The best way to reconnect is to pick up the phone. But, what if you don’t have their phone number?

Email and direct messages over the internet are so cold, so impersonal. But, when I hear your voice on the phone, now that’s what I’m talking about. I can hear your pain, your happiness, and excitement. That’s when the real connection is made; voice to voice and heart to heart. I’m a real high touch, high feel kind of person. How about you?

Your choice – soapbox or obituary

So, now it’s your choice. You can climb up on the soapbox with me and share life-saving information with family, friends and your social media family. Or you may choose to do nothing as many do. Then we may find your name written in the daily obituary like those I did today.

A scary statement isn’t it? Why is it that many of us wait to make changes in our lives until we are faced with our own mortality? Why do we wait to get up on that soapbox and share our passion until it's too late?

Life is getting harder each day. Many are faced with unemployment that not only taxes their pocketbook and finances but their emotional and physical health. The information I share can help stop that dilemma.

The message I share can help someone help their dad, mom, grandma or grandpa feel better, live longer and healthier. The message does come with a warning though.

That warning is that it’s your choice to climb up on my soapbox and shout to the world or not wake up to read your name in the obituary.

Remember, it’s your choice what will it be? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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