The Shocking Truth About Working From Home

The Shocking Truth About Working From Home

This week has been one of utter chaos. Working from home has many advantages that are drawing many women over 50 to the comfort of their homes to redefine success in their lives.

However, the shocking truth about working from home can sneak up behind you if you aren’t prepared. One of those not so luxurious tasks is “getting it all done”. Let me explain what I mean.

Work from home freedom?

Speaking with a friend and fellow woman over 50 who works from home our conversation included talking about how we do what we do. How do we get it all done in a way that satisfies us and our optimal goal – making money?

Although I have a “day job” in my auto transport business I also have my network marketing and online affiliate marketing businesses. Working the latter two into the nooks and crannies of my day balance becomes the issue at hand.

The elephant in the office today is the impending annual convention for my network marketing business in Salt Lake City, UT. I’ll be gone for a total of five days. How to keep the business calls, orders and office running smoothly while out of the office is challenging to say the least.

These events for my networking business are a blast. We learn so many leadership styles and techniques, the science behind the products and get to network with distributors from around the world. We have fun, dine with friends and enjoy the time out of the office and our daily routines.

The problem is that when you are self employed you rarely have any down time to enjoy being out of the office. The work still needs doing, customers still need serving and money still needs to exchange hands to allow the doors to remain open. So, what is a girl to do?

Use automation for more freedom

We both agreed that using the tools that allow you to automate mundane daily tasks was necessary. The options available these days are numerous. Some services exist soley for the purpose of linking together different parts of the chain to make life easier with functions like pipedrive hubspot integration, helping you keep better track of your customers as both leads and the details that they have whilst they go through your systems, all without you having to do anything beyond initial setup. There are even solutions like using hosted pbx server that can help eliminate office boundaries and allow staff to work anywhere from a virtual office phone system.

I found that using Hootesuite helps me schedule my daily tweets and Facebook posts for my readers and customers. My friend, Doreen Sargente prefers Buffer. Both systems allow you to pre-program the work that would otherwise tie you to your chair.

The key is to plan ahead when you work from home. Using a calendar or online scheduling tool like Outlook Calendar helps me track appointments and stay on track with travel and family time.

Thankfully, using a recorded voicemail message alerts our customers that we are here to serve them, with limited office hours. They appreciate the heads up and it helps them relax as they await my return phone call.

You, Inc – take care of you

In the hustle and bustle of a busy week planning for being out of the office, it’s really easy to overlook taking care of yourself (myself included). It is essential to remember to take breaks, eat every few hours and drink plenty of water. Sleep is another essential because when traveling germs are abundant as travelers from around the world tend to share with you via recirculated air, door handles on the restrooms and more. Let’s not forget that once at the event a hectic, on the go schedule will tax the body even more.

So, by pre-planning the work, notifying business associates and customers of our trip and caring for our physical and mental health we will be able to enjoy to the full the event of the quarter – our company’s annual convention.

Are you ready to redefine success after 50? Join me; let’s get you started on your journey to working from home where your dreams are waiting to sprout like the spring daffodils.

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