Reset to Move ForwardI’m starving! Have you ever said that, told yourself you are starving? I have. Matter of fact, more often than not I shoved food in my mouth without thinking, without paying attention to what my body was saying. Trust me, my body was not starving…it was just operating on false signals and I didn’t know how to read those signals. So, in order to move forward, I had to reset my body, mind, and plan of clean eating.

My nutritional therapist tossed out a challenge to some of my friends and me. If you know me at all you know I’m competitive and love a challenge. So, Sunday afternoon I started the challenge and my 40-hour fast to reset my whole body.

I have never been sure of why we are supposed to fast, I’ve just done it…all wrong. After watching and listening to my coach…I learned so much that will change how and why I fast for the rest of my life.

Here’s the scoop.

Fasting is designed to reset our body’s entire system. By allowing our body to “rest” it gives it time to fully process and utilize what we have put in it previously. A prescribed, safe fast is important so we don’t mess up our systems even more.

This fast enabled me to become aware of my body’s signals…when it’s in need of food and when it’s not. I’ve learned to eat when hungry and NOT eat just because it’s time to eat by the clock; breakfast, lunch, dinner…that’s NOT good.

I’m now done with my 40-hour fast, my body is reset and ready to move forward.

You may wonder how I feel now, now that I’m “empty” and ready to face each day with vigorous energy, strong muscles and a mind sharp as a tack. I feel awesome…now…the day after? Well, that is another story and another post. For now, know this…a 24-hour fast once a month is great for your body and it’s not as hard as it may sound.

If you have any questions about fasting and or clean eating drop me a message in the comments below, I’ll gladly share what I’ve learned. If you learned something new, please share this message…it has changed my life, my health and my family’s too.