Put Your Passion and Strength to Work for You, Inc

 How to Put Your Passion and Strength to Work for You, Inc

This past week history-making news was made in Salt Lake City, Utah. More than five thousand happy, excited men and women over 50 gathered together to reconnect with each other, learn more about their business and have fun.

Never before have I ever experienced such fun, instruction and business strategy in this manner. My corporate job was the exact opposite: stuffy, boring and not exciting. How many people do you know feel the same way?

Can dreams come true?

I remember the days back at the bank, the hours spent in the break-room flipping through the magazines brought in by my co-workers. Dreaming of traveling to far off locations, exciting and adventurous destinations kept me going each day.

However, those fun places were not to be in my immediate future, at least not at that moment. Saddened by the lack of time, money and a way to get there eventually those dreams faded and disappeared.

Ascend the mountain to your dreams

This past week helped me to redefine success after 50. Those dreams once thought to be lost resurfaced in laughter, goal planning and mapping out the route to ascend the mountain to the summit.

New gifts were uncovered and presented to those who had qualified. Hope now springs forward for the newcomers. Who doesn’t like receiving gifts with no strings attached?

Building community and family has been one of our unique differences. Events are in place to reward our families for supporting our efforts to better our lives. Pike’s Peak in Colorado is on the radar and come July one destination on my bucket list will be crossed off and my dream fulfilled.

Passion, Strengths and Your Dreams

Combining all of my education in marketing, network marketing included has shown me that anyone, even women over 50 can redefine success if they want to. When we dig deep to find what we are passionate about, use our strengths to help others then our dreams start to become our reality.

Have you discovered your strengths yet? Watch this short video and allow it’s message to help you unwrap your strengths that will allow you to redefine success after 50, too.

The tips and strategies I heard and learned helped me to realize where my passion lies. Learning to work with my strengths will enable me to help others summit faster and remain positive instead of focusing on the negative aspects of my weaknesses. Realizing that my strength lies in working with others to reach their dreams got me really excited.

Can you imagine beginning to redefine your success after 50? What if you used your passion to begin helping others and it set you free from the bondage of that J.O.B. If your strengths helped other women to build a business working from home would it be worth it to step outside of your comfort zone and take that next step?

The next 90 days I am opening myself up to those who want to do just that. My goal is to help six women over 50, just like you, start to ascend your mountain, begin that journey by working from home using your passion and strengths to help others. Then not only will my dreams begin to come true, but…YOUR dreams will become YOUR reality, too.

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