Can You Use Your Personal Blog and Social Media to Redefine Success After 50?

Can You Use Your Personal Blog and Social Media to Redefine Success After 50?

Have you ever wondered how someone like me, The Fiery Grandma ended up here, on a blog on the worldwide web to help other women redefine success after 50? You may even be wondering…why not help your next door neighbor instead of reaching out to complete strangers, right?

If you have you are not alone, when I got started I wondered the same thing. Would it be helpful to learn why I chose social media and a personal blog to share my passion and business with you? If you are like me, and I’ll bet the farm on it you are, you are waiting with baited breath to learn the answer to that very question.

Transition from hometown job to worldwide web business

It all started when I ran out of family and friends to help here in my hometown. Since I was born and raised here in northern California my sphere of influence was small. Actually it was more like the size of a marble in comparison to the big wide world. (see picture below)

When you have a desire to be successful you will follow your successful sponsor’s lead. I did that and had made a list, called all my friends and family and shared my excitement with all of them. Within two years I had exhausted my warm market, you know those who know me by name, sight and reputation.

My business wasn’t near where I wanted it to be, far from it actually. Now I wondered what I would do to continue growing the business, increasing my check. Who would I help to improve their health, finances and dreams?

Can You Use Your Personal Blog and Social Media to Redefine Success After 50?Internet leads to social media

Having built a successful auto transport brokerage and dispatch center introduced me to the reality that you can build a nationwide, even an international business using the internet. My mind opened to the possibility of meeting new people online for business purposes. If it could work for my brick and mortar business why wouldn’t it work for my part time network marketing business?

That one thought lead to meeting working women who introduced me to Facebook. Wow, I remember the first time I entered my personal information into that online form. Looking back now it seems so elementary yet at the time I was scared to death. What if…constantly ran through my mind.

Thinking back there was one thing that helped me take that leap of faith; that one reason to want to learn, try and grow my online presence. My “why” I do anything in life is my family. My desire is to experience all I can with them, for them and enjoy each step of life along the way pushed me to take one step at a time.

Years and thousands of dollars invested

Although I’d built that brokerage with success it would be a different adventure altogether to build this business on the internet. Because I was totally ignorant of who to believe, what was a true product and what would work eluded me. I hopped from one guru to the next, from one product and workshop to the next.

When learning something new there is one hard and fast rule, it all takes time and practice. Looking back I wish I would have remembered that; it would have relieved a lot of stress and frustration.

Building a business online or offline it is all the same. It’s like building a brick wall…you must lay the foundation and then place the mortar and one brick at a time. You may get frustrated as you lay those bricks, but eventually one day you’ll stand back, with a sigh of relief and a look of satisfaction on your face when you realize that wall is solid, exactly the right height and width and will withstand even the most fierce of winds.

That is what my education over 3 ½ years compares to…that brick wall. May times over those years I cried, wanted to quit, wondered why I had to keep practicing, tearing down the parts that were flimsy or didn’t work. Practice, practice and more practice.

Until one day, that defining moment I was ready to call it quits. A friend sent me an email with an invitation to one more webinar. To tell the truth, I’m not sure why there was even any hope left in this body of mine. But, there was hope…I entered my information, attended the webinar with skepticism in my soul.

That was a good thing. It meant I knew what good information looked and sounded like; and what would lead to certain death for my business. I learned that I had developed discernment and that is a good quality for all business owners to have.

A system framing the jigsaw puzzle

Long story short I learned all I’d been missing all along was the frame to put together the jigsaw puzzle called marketing. Many of the pieces of my business, including my blog, articles, Facebook and Twitter they all were pieces I needed to learn and so will you.

But, without the frame around the puzzle the picture can not be completed. Locking in the pieces I’d built over the past three and a half years made all the sense in the world.

Now attracting other women, just like me made sense. If you relate with me, if I relate with you then our relationship can become a friendship. When friends help friends we tend to put more into the equation than a complete stranger, right?

So, the reason this fiery grandma came online to use social media was to find and attract other women just like her. Can you believe there are others out there just waiting for you to find them? They are waiting to join you in your business, to build those friendships just like I have with many of you reading this right now.

This post was inspired by one such friend, her name is Rachel. We met online, in one of my coaching programs, actually. We were attracted to each others posts and soon exchanged phone numbers. Through several conversations and getting to know one another we developed a business relationship, too.

BUT, the friendship came first with no underlying agenda. It feels right when relationships are commenced in the right way, don’t you agree?

If this has helped you clear up the confusion in your mind over why it’s necessary for you to choose attraction marketing and social media to build your business leave your comment below.

Carla J Gardiner, The Fiery Grandma



Carla Gardiner is known as “THE Fiery Grandma” because she found new energy, endurance and youth. Her passion and purpose lies with baby boomer trends, the people she works with daily; aging men, women, moms, dads, grandmas and grandpas who want to feel better, have more energy and have fun like they did when they were twenty-something. Join her for more energy, fun and profits.