over 50 falling apartAre you over 50 and wondering why you…

  • Wake up feeling like you never went to bed?
  • Grandkids want to go for a walk and you just want to sit on the couch?
  • Wake up with backaches and pains when you’ve done nothing different?
  • Hear of loved ones dying right and left?
  • Find your thick head of hair is now on the shower floor?
  • Lost your motivation to enjoy your favorite activities?


If you are like me you’ve had enough of getting emails and phone calls about your loved ones and their failing health. Today I read another post about losing a dear loved one; another request for raising money, another friend reaching out to bring awareness to stop one disease or another. Are you sick of it yet? Are you ready for some good news for a change?

Now don’t think that I have a heart of stone actually it’s quite the opposite. You see I used to be just like those friends who are asking for help; searching the archives of endless knowledge out there for hope. I know what it’s like to lose loved ones to cancer, heart disease, strokes, and more. I too have suffered from the ravaging effects of the elements causing asthma, allergies, pain, headaches, inflammation, and chemical imbalances in my body. But I’m so excited to share with you that there is good news out there.

Instead of taking my doctor’s word as gospel and final word, I went searching for the answers myself. Yes, it took effort and time yet it has more than been worth it for my family and me. I found the underlying culprit of all of the above-mentioned ailments, diseases, and elements in our lives that cause undue stress, anxiety, and yes, sometimes even death.

So, what is this good news? First, you need to understand inflammation and what it means in your body. Inflammation, the root of all evil can be compared to that of warm and swollen body parts like joints and soft tissue. I’ve found out what it is, what it does to our bodies, and what we can do about it. Did you know we can rid it from our body effectively, safely and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Inflammation – What is it?

The term inflammation has become widely recognized lately due to the baby boomers entering the natural health care scene in mass. Our generation doesn’t want to look old like our parents and grandparents. We want to protect our minds and bodies from the ravaging effects of disease so we can take care of our aging parents with energy to spare.

Let’s look at the very definition of inflammation from Webster’s Dictionary. It means “something damaging your body’s cells triggering a response from your immune system“.

Now don’t get me wrong, we all need our immune system to do its job. The problem arises when chemicals within our own body begin to fight with that immune system and create a raging storm called swelling and pain.

When our bodies are damaged by inflammation it’s like a grass fire exploding into a forest fire, out of control pain, disease, and can be deadly if not corrected. Our bodies are living breathing miracles and can withstand a lot; however, as stated before, if not corrected the outcome is grim and hopeless agony. Issues with the heart, joints, allergies, digestive and skin issues, diabetes, and more are signs of inflammation.

There you have it a brief, layman’s definition of what inflammation is and what it does to our bodies. By learning about this important piece of information and sharing it with others now we can do something about those loved ones crying out for help, those sick and depressed friends who thought they had to live in pain and sickness for the rest of their lives.

Once we have the knowledge of what is causing so much pain, suffering and disease then and only then can we take the simple step forward to feeling better today. Now it’s time, time to do something about living in this state of disease. It’s time to share this information with someone you love and care about. The good news is when you reach out for help it is as close by as asking someone who has been there, someone like me who has found the answers, experienced the restoration, and is thriving instead of just existing.

I’d love to hear if this information has helped you in any way. Leave your comments below and feel free to share them with your friends and family who can use them, too.