New Training Build Your Funnel in Days Instead of Months

New Training Build Your Funnel In Days Instead of Months

This week I have a special treat for you – my favorite friends, fans and business associates.

You've heard me talk about the mastermind and new training I'm part of. You may or may not have been able to read about it's many benefits to kicking the learning curve to the curb in building a funnel for your business.

By now you've probably read about the marketing group I found and fell in love with. It dawned on me that you would like to have the opportunity to take a closer look at what I'm so excited and talking about. You'll learn how it can change the way you progress in your online/offline business, too.

Take a look at this information and decide for yourself. Remember, it's your business. You have the chance to take hold of shortcuts when you find them just like I have. When you find someone who has what you want then do what they are doing to obtain what they have.

This Thursday at 8:00PM CST we're going to
offer you what we're calling a “smart beginner”
marketing plan. Our promise is a few-fold.

New training

Read this closely:

1. You will no longer be overwhelmed. Period. *Unless
you like making things complicated, in which case
there's no hope for you! 😉 #somepeople!

2. This marketing plan is something you can rinse,
repeat, rinse, repeat … so on and so on … to
create lead-generating marketing funnels over and over

3. You'll have your marketing funnel up in days not
months or years. Literally. That includes a lead
capture page, blog and email auto-responder series in
days. *Only IF you follow the marketing plan we're
giving you, and take action of course. You can
get a marketing funnel template if you're feeling a little lazy.

All to say, we'll midwife you from “newbie” to “smart
beginner” in about 60 minutes. So register here now:

New training

If you're already beyond “smart beginner” level then
I'd encourage you — if you have a list — to promote
the tar out of this webinar because a majority of our
industry NEEDS exactly what this training promises to
do. See the above list to refresh yourself with what
we're promising.

Nearly every new lead that comes through our funnel
and nearly every new member who joins our Daily
Marketing Coach community expresses the same pain
points in their learning process.

We keep seeing the same “stuck places” over and over
again and the REAL reason people quit on their dreams.

This training is aimed at the bulls-eye of those issues.

Register right now and plan to get on the webinar about
10 minutes early because this is going to max out.

Here's the link

New training